We discuss the rise of the new great religion, Black Lives Matter, and the intolerance and purges that seem to be growing along side it by the day. Also, don’t miss our fantastic interview with Dr. Bruce Abramson about his new book, American Restoration: Winning the Second American Civil War. Learn the techniques being used in the culture war, and specific techniques you can use to fight back. Not to be missed!

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  1. Chris Gregerson Member
    Chris Gregerson

    Very insightful. I didn’t think about it in the BLM/Islam context. The tactics seem the same. I especially like the 3 methods they use to get to power, essentially; lying, changing meanings for words, and doing bad things and saying we’re the ones doing it. Of course you used other words, I just couldn’t remember them. I sent the link to my pastor to get his take, it will make for a fun discussion this Sunday.

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  2. Robert Chernin Podcaster
    Robert Chernin

    Thanks Chris – glad you enjoyed the podcast and found it insightful. Our goal at ACEK is to offer a perspective that is both informative AND practical/actionable. There are alot of good podcasts out there but most people we talk with stay silent because they don’t feel comfortable speaking up. We hope to help change that by giving them information, techniques etc. they can use. Thanks again – and if you wouldn’t mind giving us a rating (hopefully 5-Star..but whatever you think is right), that would be appreciated.

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