This election is far from over. Votes are still being counted, and some will even end up being recounted. Contrary to what is all over social media and the news, this election is not final until each state certifies their results and the electors cast theirs. Period. More important than who wins is the confidence level the American people have that when all the legal ballots are counted that we as a country “got it right”. In this podcast, we are joined by Jay Shepard, Vice Chair of the RNC and Dr. Bruce Abramson, President of the American Restoration Institute to look at the facts, where we are right now and what are the question we as a country really need to be asking so that when all is said and done, we are certain that the election was free and fair.  Also, if you want our video podcast


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  1. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    There seem to be as many opinions about the outcome of this election as there are commentators. I am, certainly, not happy about the apparent election of Biden/Harris, but I am tending in the direction of simply accepting it as inevitable. Such luminaries as Jim Geraghty and Andy McCarthy, both of whose opinions I respect, have said that there is little evidence of sufficient cheating that could have changed the outcome. Chernin and his guests seem to be on the other side of the argument. I would certainly like to see those who abused the system prosecuted. I would like the irregularities accounted for and an acceptable restatement of the actual legitimate numbers made. However, I do not think that it will change the ultimate outcome. Biden will be president, fortunately, with a divided government that will forbid his enacting any of the ridiculous changes he and Harris have been talking about. Trump, in my opinion, lost this election, Biden didn’t win it. Trump is beginning to sound like Hillary following the 2016 election, and it is tiresome to hear about his victimhood, something he seems more than inclined to whine about. A little dignity wouldn’t be a bad thing. Take the Democrats to court with real evidence and let the courts decide. Stop the Twitter nonsense. That is divisive, and to my way of thinking, unpatriotic. We need to bring the country back together, not tear it asunder. There is a reason that Trump lost. That reason is that he never tried to win over people who might have easily been won over if he did something other than pander to his base. It was more important to Trump to hear the accolades of his ardent followers than to make reasonable arguments to those who weren’t his fans. Unfortunately, his ego was far more important than the country as a whole. He shared a quality with Obama of thinking of himself as responsible only to those who voted for him. He never called the left “deplorables”, but it was implicit in what he didn’t do and in his tweets. When he originally ran for president, I opposed him largely because of his past as a New York liberal with all that that entailed. What has defeated him is that very quality, something he never quite grew out of. I voted for him this time despite that. With all of his weaknesses, he was good for the country in many ways. Had he overcome those weaknesses, he might have been both a great president and a great man, and he might have gotten reelected. Somewhat tragically, he will be consider neither by history, just another one-term president who accomplished a lot, but whose accomplishments will, for the most part, be erased by his replacement because so many were reversible executive orders.

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