Black Lives Matter and a socialist America, so what’s the big worry? A little Marxism, a little “Democratic Socialism” isn’t all that bad, right? What does it really matter what system we live under?  Robert talks with Leora Levy, who fled Castro’s Cuba, and explains why Socialism is wrong for America.  Join us as we look at the history of socialism through our conversation with Leora, who went on to become a business leader, a political leader and philanthropist, and who was nominated by President Trump to be the Ambassador to Chile (only to be drowned in the DC swamp!).

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An avalanche of Executive Orders, the return of racial politics and Critical Race Theory, and a new war on the fossil fuel industry – and we are not even two weeks into the new Biden Administration!  Censorship and the cancel culture continues unchecked, while bipartisanship dies at the feet of a $1.9 trillion bailout.  Then there is the small issue of the real “enemy within”, China, which for some reason no one now wants to talk about.  More unvarnished and uncensored analysis from The Troika – Robert, Jay and Bruce.

America was founded on a common set of beliefs.  What beliefs do we all have in common now? Rampant voting “irregularities” surrounding the election continue to be discovered and now we know that the last great American institution standing, the US Supreme Court, clearly wants no part of any election dispute. Should our country now rightly be called The Divided States of America? It sure seems that way!

It is also now eminently clear that China is at war with the US, and appears to have been for many decades, all the while many of our political leaders were either asleep at the wheel, or worse, were aiding and abetting China’s increasing influence in all aspects of society.

Are we really in the middle of a second Civil War, and is Martial Law right around the corner?

Were the elections really “free and fair”? Why aren’t there any real consequences for election fraud?  The real difference between retail and wholesale election fraud, what it will require for the Supreme Court to hear a case, and which parts of the Constitution might apply.

This election is far from over. Votes are still being counted, and some will even end up being recounted. Contrary to what is all over social media and the news, this election is not final until each state certifies their results and the electors cast theirs. Period. More important than who wins is the confidence level the American people have that when all the legal ballots are counted that we as a country “got it right”. In this podcast, we are joined by Jay Shepard, Vice Chair of the RNC and Dr. Bruce Abramson, President of the American Restoration Institute to look at the facts, where we are right now and what are the question we as a country really need to be asking so that when all is said and done, we are certain that the election was free and fair.  Also, if you want our video podcast


This podcast is a quick, down and dirty look at the Hunter Biden scandal and Big Tech’s chilling decision to totally blackout the NY Post’s story, right before our elections on Nov 3rd. What drives it, why there are no real consequences for the Masters of The Universe, and what really needs to change if we are to truly protect our rights to speak freely.

The money behind BLM and what real domestic terrorism is. This weeks podcast featuring Dr. Bruce Abramson reveals the truth about this and why public education is failing our children. We take on the teachers union, lost civics education. We also throw in a dose of the politics behind Trump’s Supreme Court appointment  and the nationalization of this November’s election.

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This week’s podcast is all about standing up and speaking up on the many challenges we face as a nation.  We look at the last line of defense in the culture war, the Rule of Law and the unspoken risk if the movement to defund the police is successful.  We also examine the real risk of a national mask mandate in response to Covid, and more on Black Lives Matter as just another name for the Blame America First crowd.  Don’t miss our take on DNC Convention too.  Not to be missed!

This week’s podcast features a wide-ranging and uncensored conversation with Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union. We discuss his recent experience with the politics of personal destruction, the fraud being perpetrated on the American public by Black Lives Matter as well as his take on what is really at stake this November.  We also explore American Exceptionalism and what it really means in the ongoing culture war.  An impassioned conversation, to be sure!

On this weeks’ podcast we share more techniques for Resisting The Resistance, and an analysis of the adolescent forces leading the social justice movement (“And the Children Shall Lead Them”).  We tackle the real motives of the teachers regarding COVID, why it is imperative that our kids returning to the classrooms this Fall and connect the dots from Hillary-gate to today’s riots.

This week’s podcast features our in-depth conversation with Harmeet Dhillon, renown civil liberties attorney and frequent guest on Fox News. We cover everything from the numerous legal battles she is fighting to protect our First Amendment rights, all the way to ballot harvesting – something that will definitely affect this November’s election and beyond. We also take on the Cancel Culture, the new Tower of Babel and how to use the power of words to “Resist The Resistance.” Not to be missed!

On our July 4th podcast, we connect the dots from the Black Power movements of the 1960s to today’s Black Lives Matter, and in their own words, explain what the real end game is to today’s violent protests and riots. We also discuss the importance of Lincoln and what his presidency can teach us about today’s culture war (and the real reason they want to topple his monuments). Don’t miss our Independence Day assignment at the end as well as specific things you can do to fight back against being silenced.

We discuss the rise of the new great religion, Black Lives Matter, and the intolerance and purges that seem to be growing along side it by the day. Also, don’t miss our fantastic interview with Dr. Bruce Abramson about his new book, American Restoration: Winning the Second American Civil War. Learn the techniques being used in the culture war, and specific techniques you can use to fight back. Not to be missed!

Join us for the inaugural episode of the “Of the People” Podcast, hosted by American Center for Education and Knowledge Chairman Robert Chernin. In this brief introductory episode, you’ll meet this longtime business and political leader as he discusses the recent violence and civil unrest, who the racists really are, and how today’s protests are nothing more than an extension of the radical 1960’s. Be sure to subscribe to get all the newest episodes in your feed.