This week on Need To Know, Jay and Mona welcome National Review editor Rich Lowry who discusses his new book Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Railsplitter Saved the American Dream–and How We Can Do It Again. Then, Lincoln versus Washington, is it time to get over Reagan, the supposed reset with Russia, NYU and the Chinese activist/lawyer Chen Guangcheng, the SCOTUS decision on affirmative action, and Mona and Jay blow stuff up.

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    Jay, was that overexposure/composers pseudo-rhyme deliberate or just in my own head?

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    President Obama doesn’t say things because he believes they are true. He believes things are true because he says them.

    A narcissist bordering on a sociopath with a messiah complex, he marinates in the assurances of the innermost councils of the White House (Michelle and Valerie Jarrett) that he is a Very Great Man.

    He has surrounded himself with incandescently fatuous mediocrities like John Kerry and Joe Biden who make him look good by comparison.

    He is a bubble-wrapped allrightnik whose children attend the most exclusive, expensive private schools and vacation like royalty. And who will receive preferential treatment on the basis of affirmative action to compensate for their oppressed hardscrabble upbringing.

    On leaving office he will relocate to an island redoubt. Insulated for life by the Secret Service from the problems he has created. Probably Hawaii, maybe Martha’s Vineyard. Where he will luxuriate in his millions, and from whence he shall come to make uncounted millions more in speaking fees.

    Yes, he was reelected with a majority of votes cast. But he will be an “asterisk” president because of the orchestrated campaign led by the IRS to suppress the Tea Party/Conservative Republican vote.

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    Yes, you do have an international listener trying to understand America. You help a great deal. What a book title! Horrible jobs do help motivate you.

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    The only problem is that Mr. Lowry is perpetuating the myth of Lincoln as a poor rail-splitter in order to advance the agenda of the Lincoln cult. He wants us to fall for the image of Lincoln as a savior, a man of the people, an egalitarian. The line from Mr. Lowry about how Lincoln thought of himself as a slave during the hard labor of his youth, and that somehow this inspired Lincoln to free the enslaved black folk, would be hilarious were it not so intentionally deceptive. Lincoln did not save the American Dream, he destroyed it.  Lincoln’s dream was to deport every African man, woman, and child. He repeatedly stated that blacks and whites could never be equal. The republic envisioned by our founders died once Lincoln was sworn in as president.  I do think that Obama is carrying on the Lincoln tradition of acting recklessly without regard to the Constitution and with the intent of fundamentally transforming the country. How ironic that Honest Abe finally found himself a kindred spirit, and he just happens to be a child of Africa. The thought must have Lincoln turning over in his grave.

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    It’s morning here in Jerusalem.

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    So we need to get beyond Reagan and find solutions for our own time?  Reagan’s revolution succeeded by:   – By-passing the press and talking directly to the American people   – Reducing regulations   – Cutting taxes   – Building a strong military   – Standing by allies and facing down opponentsJust which of these principles is outdated?
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