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For a while, it seemed that every single Republican in America wanted to be known as a “Reaganite.” But Reagan’s belief in “peace through strength” no longer holds sway, Jay argues. Today, the Republican Party is becoming Paulized, or at least there’s a danger of that.

One war that never seems to go out of style is the Democrats’ against Republicans though. Harry Reid – a corrupt liar, not to put too fine a point on it – was at it again this week denouncing the Koch brothers. Jay and Mona do some denouncing of their own. There’s Reid himself of course, but Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama come in for their share too. 

Who’s a denier? Who’s really for the planet? When is it okay to call someone a Nazi? It’s a wide ranging discussion that ends with Mona’s dark thoughts during a traffic jam behind 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Jay’s happier ones outside the White House fence.

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Stars and Stripes Forever by John Phillip Sousa

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  1. Profile Photo Member

    Methinks Mr. Nordlinger needs to get out of the northeast corridor if he can’t find conservatives in favor of a strong defense.

    Jay, your provincialism is showing.

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    I think “you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you” was something Trotsky said.

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  3. Profile Photo Inactive

    Could I argue for the anti-defense position so many Republicans are embracing?  Being reluctant to support the current defense budget does not require going all the way to Ron/Rand Paul’s position on foreign affairs. We will be more than able to support Israel with a fraction of the money the Pentagon is currently squandering. Break out the categories of boondoggles we are paying for – the third largest category of federal spending is on upgrading our ballistic missiles in their silos in the Dakotas; is that a rational priority for our spending? How about facing the fact that military personnel budgets today are where the UAW and Steelworkers unions were in the 1970’s; so packed with bloat, unsustainable perks, lavish pensions and benefits that even the US treasury will be hard pressed to pay them down the line.  And every soldier or sailor that stubs his toe or has a bad dream sees no moral objection to filing for a lifetime of “disability” payments.   If Republicans want to be taken seriously on budget issues we can’t attack only food stamps, we have to be willing to cut our own programs too, when justified.

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  4. Profile Photo Member

    “What’s the point of having this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?” Madeleine Albright

    And you wonder why you should be skeptical about a strong military and the idiots in Washington who would only abuse it like the Clinton and Bush administrations did? 

    The basic point is that you should have a strategic vision before having a military, and no one has one. If you want a strong defense to spread democracy in the Middle East, forget it. It’s not worth a penny because it will never work and is not in American interests if it did. The people of the Middle East hate us. And we should reciprocate.

    If it’s about keeping Russian clutches off Ukraine (and Poland will be next) or supporting Japan against China, then I’m all for it.

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  5. Profile Photo Coolidge

    Well folks, what exactly did Romney do when Reid lied about him? Crickets….. He had to stand up THAT DAY and call Reid a liar . But I’m sure he was ‘advised’ not to scare the independents or the horses or something. By not responding he let the infection fester, tepidly releasing tax form two months later doesn’t remove the stain. When Reagan angrily said in March of 80 ‘I paid for this microphone…’ he won the election right there, people were tired of Carter wussiness.

    WFB had a three question test for incumbents: 1)Net worth upon election. 2)Salary x years in office .3)Current Net worth.

    In the current crisis every Republican should on every talk show and in every speech refer to ‘The Obamacare Catastrophe’ and make sure that phrase stys in the public mind.    

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  6. Profile Photo Coolidge

    Jay, since you brought up the 22nd amendment, combine those thought about if it with your observation that the Clintons will be in our faces forever.  I contend that without it we would be in Clinton’s sixth term, they would have never left and the press would never have objected.

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  7. Profile Photo Member
    Terry Mott: Methinks Mr. Nordlinger needs to get out of the northeast corridor if he can’t find conservatives in favor of a strong defense.

    Jay, your provincialism is showing. · 5 hours ago

    There is also the fact that Obama is calling our foreign policy for the next three years. We have no chance of any improvement in how our defense is used until 2017, so why rage now? Our efforts now are much better spent transferring the A-10 fleet to the national guard and building a bunch of those National Security Cutters to fight the next war.

    Jay ought to spend the day talking to the folks at the local gun range. He’ll return in a better mood.

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  8. Profile Photo Inactive

    Agree with everything Mona and Jay had to say about defense. Please God we are able to effect a reversal of the damage the Obama adminstration has done.

    My fatigue is with the current civilian and top military leadership of our armed forces most of whom I wouldn’t trust to take care of a dog I didn’t like.

    They have kept us in Afghanistan for more than a decade. For what? What have we really accomplished? What could we really accomplish if we were to stay there for 100 years? We should have gone in, “hit it and quit it” and left. Kill everyone who needed killing, break everything worth breaking (short work there), told any tribal elders left above ground “next time we come back with B-1s, screw the civilian casualties, and by the way we know where you live, and you’re first on the list.” Two years maximum.

    They are turning the military into a vast social engineering experiment. Physical standards in the combat arms are being lowered to accommodate women. Vindictive gay and lesbian officers are making life hell for heterosexual subordinates. Islamic extremists are fast-tracked to senior officer status.


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  9. Profile Photo Inactive

    Now, as to Jay’s remark about contributing his pebble. My 4 pebbles are the four of my children who have served in the military. 

    One served in Iraq, and then in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor. The one still on active duty very narrowly missed being deployed to Afghanistan due to some quirk of military scheduling. He was disappointed, I was very relieved. My concern being not so much that he would be in harm’s way, as that he would be in harm’s way in the service of no good purpose under the leadership of the likes of Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel.

    What I would like to encourage all the politicians and pundits who are ardent in their defense of a strong defense to do is get some skin in the game. The ones who think we need to maintain a presence in Afghanistan, who seem perennially to want to rush our troops to the sound of the guns:  Take your kids around to the recruiter in addition to visiting college. Take your kids by the ROTC signup if they end up on campus. Send your kids first before you send mine. 

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  10. Profile Photo Inactive
    Today, the Republican Party is becoming Paulized, or at least there’s a danger of that.

    Danger? Well, I would prefer it be Cruzized, but I’m OK with Paulized.

    Palinized, even better – but what does she know about Russia? Oh, right, yabetcha.

    Palin is the new Reagan, but our Cognoscenti don’t recognize her.

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  11. Profile Photo Inactive

    Mona and Jay, thank you very much.

    No disagreements here,except I didn’t have cheese with your whine on the weather.

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