In this (typically) wide-ranging hour, Mona and Jay talk about the caravan, up from Central America: Is it salted with Middle Eastern terrorists? They also discuss our northern neighbor, Canada, which has just legalized pot: What effect will that have? Other subjects include Steve King, George Soros, Nikki Haley, John Bolton, and Emmanuel Macron. Mona mentions Tchaikovsky, so the show goes out with some of his music: the Scherzo from his Symphony No. 2, played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra under Lorin Maazel.

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  1. George Townsend Inactive
    George Townsend

    Nice Podcast.

    May I try to make the case against term limits for Congress? First of all, we would need an Amendment. It would never get through Congress. And, even if it did, we’d need two thirds of the states to ratify. There is another way to ratify an Amendment. But that is even harder. So, why bother being in favor of something that ainta gonna happen?!

    But there is an even more substantive reason to be against it. I do like Mona’s idea about limits on what she calls “Popular Sovereignty”. We are not a true democracy – thank God – and we do need limitations on The Tyranny of The Majority. But Term Limits would be disastrous in our day and age. If there ever was a time for them, it was back when the 22nd Amendment was ratified, which passed Congress in 1947, and, 4 years later, when ratified by the states, it became the Amendment we know today. But the Federal Government has grown so large in 67 years that it would never be brought to heal if we limit the terms of the people who make the laws. While we do not have a “Deep State” (that silly locution has been put forth even more with the arrival of Donald Trump), we do have an Administrative State, and if we have a constant turnover of elected lawmakers the ones who will really make it hard for people to breath are those unelected bureaucrats who administer the rules that serve only to stultify our people and our land.

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  2. DanielSterman Inactive

    Minor correction to something Mona and Jay complained about: Justice O’Connor wrote that the court expects affirmative action to be unnecessary in 25 years, not 20. And the case was in 2003, so it’s not yet valid to complain that affirmative action is despite the deadline still dragging “on and on and on”.

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