The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes joins Need to Know to talk about the critical Wisconsin primary (he’s a native), the state of the Republican race, conservative media, and the condition of the Republican Party.

Jay and Mona then consider Bernienomics, the pageant of the presidential primary season, George W. Bush, charity (pro and con), and a visit by a certain political figure to a matzah factory in New York, among other topics. There is the usual complement of stories, book recommendations, plus a bonus – a Bill Buckley quote Mona hadn’t heard before. It’s a good one.

Music from this week’s episode: Sondra Radvanovsky – Act 1 cavatina & cabaletta (Roberto Devereux)

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  1. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    Jay is right.  Now we gotta hear her play.

    So the only state I have been able to find where evangelicals broke for Cruz was Maine.

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  2. Mona Charen Contributor
    Mona Charen

    Interesting. I think he did well with Evangelicals in Texas and other states he won. But there’s no question that when Cruz was gaming this out in his head — in maybe 1997 (kidding) — he did not anticipate the black swan that was Trump. But for Trump, Cruz might well have swept the SEC primary. The weirdest part of this is not that someone took Evangelicals away from Cruz — it’s that it was a thrice married, proud adulterer, abortion supporting (till recently), vulgar casino owner!

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  3. mfgcbot Inactive

    Steve Hayes is so cool.

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  4. Mona Charen Contributor
    Mona Charen


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  5. Bruce Metzger Coolidge
    Bruce Metzger

    I am a brand new Ricochet member but I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of years as a freeloader.  I have two thoughts as I listen to Mona and Jay on a regular basis.  I watch Fox News regularly and it strikes me that the same affliction that affects Washington DC based reporters also inflicts certain fox ‘personalities’.  Personal connection and proximity to their subject (in  this case Mr.Trump)influences what they say about him. It has become obvious to anyone who watches Fox regularly that certain commentators are not objective.  Jay Nordlinger’s Analysis is much more clear headed and objective despite his friendship with Ted Cruz than the pandered on Fox.

    My second point is that I think the Republican nomination is still worth having if Ted Cruz wins.  I think you all underestimate how damaged Ms Clinton is.  I guess I would be considered over optimistic but I spent over 20 yrs as a DoD employee, before I retired, dealing with the same level of classified information that she did. So I have a level of expertise to say what I am saying.  Even if she isn’t indicted, ( which I believe she will be) voters start paying attention in the last days of an election, and I believe that I could explain to the American public why she violated the law.  If I can do it, I know Mr Cruz can.  Winston Churchill once said “Americans will always do the right thing ….. After they have exhausted all the alternatives”.  I think the American public will reject Ms Clinton on this sin alone even if the trump voters are disengaged.

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  6. Richard Fulmer Inactive
    Richard Fulmer

    Mona mentioned a book by Marvin Olasky.  It’s The Tragedy of American Compassion, and it’s a great book.  It explains how we went from a society of voluntary self-help, mutual aid, and charitable organizations to one in which the government dominates charitable work and does a far less effective – and often counterproductive – job.  Paperback editions of the book are available on Amazon for $0.01.

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  7. Stad Coolidge

    ToryWarWriter:Jay is right. Now we gotta hear her play.

    So the only state I have been able to find where evangelicals broke for Cruz was Maine.

    I was going to second Jay, but Tory here beat me to it.

    Mona, perhaps you could do a short piece at the end of the podcast, but Jay could say it’s from a young up-and-coming French celloist named Monique Sherrone . . .

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