Steve Hayes, newly-appointed editor-in-chief of The Weekly Standard, joins Jay and Mona to talk about foreign policy (he was a terrific Benghazi reporter), what is detectable about the Trump approach, and the polarization of news and information.

Jay and Mona then mull over the CIA. Can they be political? Are they being political right now?

The podcast closes with reflections on Christmas music and two greats who never go out of style – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

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  1. ibn Abu Member
    ibn Abu

    @jaynordlinger and @monacharen: Alas, the sales data for the Mozart collection appears to have been skewed by the fact that each of the 200+ cds in the collection is counted as a separate sale:

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  2. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    Guys.  I like your show but you need to get over yourselves a little bit.  As a person who writes on intelligence history I am reminding of a line I think it was said to Peter Wright the MI5 agent and later writer of the book Spycatcher.

    “These guys aren’t ten feet tall.  They make mistakes, they are human after all.”

    In your close you were jumping the shark and turning into conspiracy theorizing alone the lines of Alex Jones.  But unlike Jones he actually has fun.

    Its quite clear that the Russians and Putin were not trying to install Trump in as President.  The fact that he won is probably as great a shock to them as it was to you (I figured he was going to win in the last two weeks of the campaign).

    All evidence seems to indicate that the Democrats were sloppy and were hacked despite being told by the FBI that they had been hacked months earlier.

    The RNC who has a history of being hacked by Democratic agents and by the FBI seem to take there privacy seriously and had adequate safeguards on hand.

    The DNC were incompetent and they are paying the price.

    The idea that the USA election was decided by Russia Intelligence is preposterous.

    However it is exactly what Putin wants you to think and you are playing right into his hands.

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