Stranger things may have happened, but not lately. Jay and Mona welcome Bloomberg’s Eli Lake to talk national security, Syria, Susan Rice, chemical weapons, Russia, and more. Jay and Mona then find themselves defending our president against some of his disappointed fan boys.

Closing music is from Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin, Op.24.

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  1. BD1 Member

    This headline does not meet the civility standards otherwise enforced at Ricochet.

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  2. Petty Boozswha Inactive
    Petty Boozswha

    As always I enjoyed the podcast, but wish you would consistently identify the closing music so those of us novices could educate ourselves on the classics.

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  3. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    Petty Boozswha (View Comment):
    As always I enjoyed the podcast, but wish you would consistently identify the closing music so those of us novices could educate ourselves on the classics.


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  4. outlaws6688 Inactive

    So anybody that opposes this action is the Alt-Right? First it was Trump could do anything and his supporters will cheer, now that that is shown to not be the case, everybody against foreign entanglements is a racist. Got it.

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  5. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    I agree with Jay, on the statue “Fearless Girl” I had only seen photos of it, I thought it was kinda silly – and didnt pay it much mind. But I agree with Jay, its Orwellian art. Not only do leftists change the meaning of words to warp thoughts, they now attempt to warp art to change history. If the “Bullish” sentiment on Wall Street also includes the connotation of menace, it changes the meaning of countless books on finance, history and capitalism in general.

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  6. George Townsend Inactive
    George Townsend

    Mona, as usual, this Need To Know was terrific. I do have two slight criticisms, however: The Gorsuch comment didn’t come until late in the Podcast.  This was the second best thing to happen all week, and needs to be celebrated unreservedly. The best thing to happen was Trump’s attack on Syria. This needs to be supported.  You and Jay do, of course, but you spent too much time talking about how he changed his mind, and that it still might go wrong. I was as anti-Trump as anyone before the election. But this was great, and the focus should be this, instead of worrying about what he might do next, and hand-wringing about the campaign. That is over.

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  7. JuliaBlaschke Coolidge

    Excellent podcast. So refreshing to find people with a realistic view of Trump.  I missed you last week. It isn’t only the alt right who bought a bill of goods with Trump. I don’t think Trump himself knows what he will do next. He kept his promise with Gorsuch and that is a relief. He reacts impulsively to whatever he hears or sees last and in this case with Syria, it was a good thing. But I dread what he might do in other cases.

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  8. Rick Harlan Inactive
    Rick Harlan
    @Rick Harlan

    I’m reminded of a joke about a mother catching her son in flagrante delicto with a young lady, in which her revulsion at the sin at hand is outweighed by her relief that her fears of his homosexuality were unfounded.

    Whatever Trump’s hypocrisy on Syria, chemical weapons and dictators, I am over the moon that the President is not a puppet of the Kremlin after all. And Assad had this, and a whole lot more coming.

    Not to mention, the alt-right reaction is gourmet butter-cream frosting on the cake. Gotta see if those red caps are still in stock.

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  9. Justin Hertog Inactive
    Justin Hertog

    What evidence caused the FBI to begin the counter-intelligence investigation? Has that been made public by the FBI? I do know that Democrats and some never Trumpers are very invested in pushing this collusion story. Was Obama lying, then, when he stated that the election was not “rigged“?

    This is an abuse of power story. It’s a story about how the Obama administration abused its power to spy for political intel. You can be sure the transition-team intercepts that took place after the election played a part in the rushed decision to go to the UN to pass the Security Council resolution condemning Israel.

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  10. RufusRJones Member

    The Eli Lake part is must listening. Really good.

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