NTK FeatureOn this week’s ’cast, Mona and Jay talk about Obama as foreign-policy disaster. There is some talk about domestic-policy disasters, too. And will Hillary Clinton, if president, be another master of disaster? Mistress of disaster? Is there any difference at all between BHO and HRC? The latter thinks that the “reset” with Russia has been a crashing success. “Crashing” is the word.

Mona and Jay also talk about the Koch brothers, and the gross, indeed frightening, demonization of them. Furthermore, they weigh in on Cleveland—not as the city that LeBron James will call home once more, but as the site of the 2016 GOP convention.

Should representatives of regimes such as Iran be invited to appear on such programs as Meet the Press? It is an interesting question. Should the taxpayer have to fund Bradley Manning’s sex-change operation, or whatever he’s doing? (He is apparently known as Chelsea now.) Mona says no, emphatically—fumingly. Jay, of course, agrees.

In linguistic news, Mona proves her right-wing bona fides by using “Democrat” as an adjective. “Democrat policies,” she says—just as Bob Dole inveighed against “Democrat wars” during the 1976 vice-presidential debate. Jay marvels, and admires.

The podcast goes out with an excerpt from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Dukas, for reasons you will discover.

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  1. user_212095 Contributor

    I was tough on Hillary in this podcast. Fairness demands that I note her good performance on the execrable Jon Stewart’s show, which has just come to my attention.

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  2. user_477123 Inactive

    I don’t mean to be picky about this, but didn’t you once say on a prior podcast that you wish Jon Stewart was on our side?

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  3. RPD Member

    Hoover was such an accomplished man, but such a trainwreck politically.

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  4. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    The David Horovitz essay on Jon Stewart’s monologue on Israel:


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  5. user_212095 Contributor

    Peter Fumo:

    Mona, I don’t mean to be picky about this, but didn’t you once say on a prior podcast that you wish Jon Stewart was on our side?

     If he were on our side, he wouldn’t be the dishonest snake he is, right?

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  6. Ontheleftcoast Member

    Gaza: Elections have consequences.

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  7. jmelvin Member

    I understand the reservations about playing nothing but “country music” in a political convention, but “country music” is hardly the exclusive holding of, or even mostly a thing of the US south.  Get outside of the highly urban areas in any state and you’ll find it played far and wide amongst  the northern states as well.  Perhaps decades ago it might have been thought of as a southern thing by urbanites who don’t leave large metropolitan areas, but that concept should be long gone by now.

    However, if you don’t regularly mix with the suburban and rural crowd I suppose it’s easily forgivable to have this thought.  I would have little idea, other than speculation, about the inclinations of metropolitan crowd.

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  8. SallyVee Inactive

    Another wonderful podcast in which two of the most delightful people on earth make mince meat of all the world’s monsters, in the most elegant prose and chit chat.

    Just last week I said to my husband that the two word epitaph for the former United States of America could well be: Chelsea Manning. Says it all, really. And add to that his pathetic appearance (even before he started wearing Victoria’s Secret undies) – small, wan, trembling, pimply, socially inept, deeply confused, etc. etc., he becomes an even better symbol.

    From a Christian point of view, the least loving, least caring, least generous thing we can do for the Mannings of the world is to play along with their delusions and “affirm” their soul killing diversions. One on one, I would have extreme compassion and concern for the lad, doing whatever humanly possible to reach him with God’s love and God’s Word. 

    Thank you also for the glorious closing music which I learned from this thread was the Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Dukas.

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