Mona is absent this week, so Jay grabs the mic and welcomes a guest co-host: David French. They proceed to take a tour of the news.

Our relations with Australia. Our relations with Russia. Justice-to-Be Neil Gorsuch. The National Prayer Breakfast. The Wall. The refugee “ban,” or whatever the agreed-on word is. Betsy DeVos. Holocaust Remembrance Day. Steve Bannon. Three to five million illegal votes (?). The American flag (especially on lapels). Victimology versus personal responsibility. Etc.

Jay and David end with the NBA – especially with Charles Barkley and LeBron James. They also talk about Franz Rupp (pianist) and Adolph Rupp (basketball coach).

The music at the end of the show is Beethoven’s “Spring” Sonata – the concluding Rondo from it – played by Franz Rupp and Fritz Kreisler (not to be confused with Fritz Crisler, the football coach). 

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  1. Henry Castaigne Member

    At about the 25:00 mark Jay talks about the importance of international opinion. I remember that during the Iraq War international opinion could take a leap off a bridge.

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    • February 2, 2017, at 5:00 PM PST
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  2. George Townsend Inactive

    I missed Mona very much, Jay. And, frankly, I am very disappointed in you. I did not vote for Trump either, considering him unsuited to the Presidency. But he is President now, and you are just determined not to give the guy an even brake. Granted, he continues to say and do silly things. But has also done some wonderful things. You fail to mention, for more than a minute, any of the these things. What is the first thing out of your mouth about Gorsuch? He has a funny name. You mention Obama’s outrageous comment about Christianity having its flaws over a thousand years ago, and compare it to a stupid and out-of-place joke by Trump by saying “Pick your poison”. Outrageous. Trump was juvenile, but Obama was nasty, ill-informed, and contemptuous. Why should we continue to take you seriously when you refuse to give this guy any credit, because, it seems, you have your own petty games to play?

    • #2
    • February 4, 2017, at 3:30 PM PST
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  3. rod Inactive

    Things ain’t what they used to be boys. Wake up.

    • #3
    • February 5, 2017, at 11:52 AM PST
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