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  1. La Tapada Member
    La Tapada

    The editors should provide us with a written list of the books they mention. They mention the titles and authors so quickly it’s hard to note them.

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  2. colleenb Member

    @La Tapada:  I agree that a list would be most helpful.  Thanks especially for the recommendation on the Edith Wharton book.  As to Joe Sobran, my son went to school with his grandson so I would see Mr. Sobran in the pick up line.  Always interesting to talk to – and get the wafting of the cigar smoke.  I will add that his car probably looked even worse than his office (since he was apparently in it for a longer time period).

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  3. Leslie Watkins Inactive
    Leslie Watkins

    Extremely fun podcast. Very enjoyable as well as informative.

    Best nonfiction book of recent years that not nearly enough people have read: Virginia Postrel’s The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion (Nov. 2013). Although it has deservedly received dozens of five-star reviews as well as critical acclaim–Tyler Cowan has called it Postrel’s best book–its reception I think, has been hindered, oddly enough, by its gorgeously stunning and quintessentially glamorous cover, which draws you in but does not dispel the easy association in most people’s minds between glamour and fashion or celebrity. In fact, Postrel’s discussion gets at the DNA of human longing, the dream of becoming fully self-realized–from Sierra Leone orphan Michaela DePrince’s childhood discovery of a Western magazine with a photo of a ballet dancer on the cover (which she ripped off and kept in her underwear), to an adolescent Oprah Winfrey identifying with the opening sequence of the Mary Tyler Moore show, to the glamour of a military life, of living off the grid, of Star Trek, and of projecting one’s dreams on to the candidacy of Barack Obama. It’s really deep but so much fun to read–and look it–that it works as a coffee table book as well as serious scholarship. It’s a crime against wisdom that this book is yet to become a best seller.

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  4. Nerina Bellinger Inactive
    Nerina Bellinger

    I listened and took notes.  Thanks to the editors for the following suggestions:



    MBD – Who Lost Russia by Peter Conradi

    CCWC – The Marquis: Lafayette Reconsidered by Laura Auricchio

    RS – Capitalism Without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy by Jonathan Haskell and Stian Westlake

    RL- The Idea of Nationalism by Hans Kohn, Nationalism by Liah Greenfeld



    MBD – The Everlasting Man by GK Chesterton

    CCWC – Going Solo by Roald Dahl (sequel to Boy, also by Roald Dahl)

    RS – The Next American Nation by Michael Lind

    RL – Dreadnought by Robert K. Massie


    NOVELS (recent-ish)

    MBD – The Secret Place by Tana French (Book 5 of the Dublin Murder Squad Series)

    CCWC – Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

    RS – The Power by Naomi Alderman

    RL – The Illiad by Homer, Elmore Leonard, Ross McDonald, Chinaman’s Chance by Ross Thomas



    MBD – A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe, Edith Wharton’s Twilight Sleep

    CCWC – Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh (list maker note: CONCUR!)

    RS – Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Costello by John Maxwell Coetzee and The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess

    RL – Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (HM – The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky)



    MBD – Fools, Frauds and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left by Roger Scruton (HM – The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray – list maker note: great book!)

    CCWC – Fractured Republic: Renewing America’s Social Contract in the Age of Individualism by Yuval Levin

    RS – Conservative Parties and the Birth of Democracy by Daniel Ziblatt

    RL – Same as Charlie, runner-up: Coming Apart by Charles Murray



    MBD – Eugenics and Other Evils by GK Chesterton, Single Issues by Joseph Sobran

    CCWC – The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

    RS – The Great Exception by Jefferson Cowie, Rule and Ruin by Geoffrey Kabaservice

    RL – Witness by Whittaker Chambers, Constitution of Liberty by Friedrick Hayek, and Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk, Conservative Intellectual Movement by George H. Nash



    MBD – The Lexicon, Up From Liberalism

    CCWC – Up From Liberalism

    RS – The Unmaking of a Mayor

    RL – Stained Glass (Blackford Oakes series)




    MBD – Mark Twain (HM: Tom Wolfe)

    CCWC – Jane Austen (caveat: not necessarily the “greatest” but captures a certain sensibility of England)

    RS – Sana Krasikov

    RL – Mark Twain



    MBD – Tom Holland (Rubicon, In the Shadow of the Sword)

    CCWC – David McCullough

    RS – Niall Ferguson, Mark Levinson (The Box)

    RL – David Hackett Fisher


    TO READ in 2018

    MBD – The Great Deception by Christopher Booker and Richard D. North, History of England and PG Wodehouse

    CCWC – Graham Greene

    RS – Negroland

    RL – History of England by Peter Ackroyd (Foundation, Revolution)




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  5. La Tapada Member
    La Tapada

    Thank you, @nerinabellinger!

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