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  1. GFHandle Member

    Thought provoking discussion. Thanks.

    I think your definition of small r republicanism is too narrow. Klavan suggests Trump’s is the ONLY platform big enough to go against the press, schools, Hollywood, etc. Is he inept? You can parse all day, kneeling vs back turning, still the totem/standard/Ark means something and has charismatic powers. It is not for protests. He’ll win that part of the argument. But he had better start doing something real for the inner cities and end all this slander about white supremacy.

    He could have done it better, but he did it. By comparison, Pence’s “the protestors are not thinking this through” is presidential–but would have done nothing.

    I agree this issue is a cul de sac, as VDH called it. Trump needs to get back to work. But he has the stronger case: the cause does not justify the means. Attack the flag (and what else was that?) and you attack what unites us all.

    If “politics is downwind of culture” we’d best think about the big institutions’ left-lurch and respond. We can vote with our pocketbooks.

    PS I think Gossamer Cat’s post describes our plight well.

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  2. Daniel Brass Inactive
    Daniel Brass

    I listened to this podcast this morning while walking the dog.  The discussion about the NFL was all wrong.  It seemed like the panel was unaware of the reasons why people have been tuning off the NFL.  #1 is the protests, #2 is the pace of play (too many penalties) and the off the field image problems (domestic abuse).   Gents- Do some research before you comment on things like this.  Here is what you should have read :

    As for me, I am from Cleveland, we don’t have a pro football team.

    Go Indians.

    In all, I enjoy the podcast, I was just disappointed in the NFL segment.

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