Rich, Charlie, Ian, and Reihan discuss President Trump’s speech in Warsaw, the situation in North Korea, and the spat between the White House and Morning Joe.

Editors’ picks:

• Charlie : Unhinged Attack on Justice Gorsuch

• Ian : Stop Obsessing Over Race and IQ vs. Why I Write about Race and IQ

• Rich : When Would You Stop Loving America?

• Reihan : Eric Greitens’s Rising Star

Light items :

• Charlie : Changes to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean

• Ian: The Signal Flame: A Novel

Exit questions :

• “Rate Trump’s speech from 0 to 10. 0 meaning alt-right tripe, and 10 meaning Reaganesque.”

• “What is the percentage chance that there will be a war on the Korean Peninsula during Trump’s first term?”

• “From 0-5, how self-destructive are Trump’s tweets? 0 means not self-destructive at all, merely a media obsession; 5 means they are making it impossible for him to get anything big done or get above 50 percent in the polls.”

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  1. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    One thing I love about these commentators is that they are intellectually consistent.  They give the president his due when he earns it.  They criticize him for his foibles when that is warranted.  They also cross swords with fellow intellectuals when they disagree with those intellectuals.  They love this country–I love Jonah, but I also loved the July 4th podcast and found the different thoughts expressed about historical figures/ideas very interesting!!!–yet they aren’t “tribal.”  I never miss listening to them.

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  2. Leslie Watkins Inactive
    Leslie Watkins

    Great podcast! I also really enjoyed the July Fourth episode. I thought Rich made a very good case for Washington having been indispensable, but everyone’s take was thought-provoking. Listening is engaging, also good fun. Look forward to the next episode.

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  3. dicentra Member

    What do Trump’s fans think he’s fighting for?

    He’s landing blows on the media, that’s what. Trump is punching back when the MEDIA goes after him, and for many of Trump’s supporters, that’s what drew him to them.

    Given the amount of scorn and contempt that the media has heaped on flyover country since the mid-1960s, they find it refreshing to see a politician not be cowed into apologizing for intemperate remarks or for saying something that the media willfully misinterprets as Something Horrible.

    Policy? Yawn. Driving the vanguard of the culture wars into fits of apoplexy? Popcorn.

    It’s really that simple.

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  4. Mark Darris Inactive
    Mark Darris

    Another excellent podcast. Bravo

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  5. BD1 Member

    Speaking of admitting your mistakes, when will the writers at NR apologize for supporting Evan McMullin for president?

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  6. Israel P. Inactive
    Israel P.

    Josh Bell has surpassed the Pirates’ record for homeruns by a rookie before the All-Star break. The previous record was held by a guy named Ralph Kiner.

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  7. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    BD1 (View Comment):
    Speaking of admitting your mistakes, when will the writers at NR apologize for supporting Evan McMullin for president?

    Why should they apologize?  That’s who they supported.  Did you apologize to anyone if you didn’t vote for President Obama in 2008/2012?


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