Rich, Charlie, Ian, and Reihan discuss Donald Trump Jr’s attempted collusion and the new Senate healthcare bill.

Editors’ picks:

• Charlie : For Many of Us, the War on Drugs Is Not Real

• Ian : The Jihad-Loving Left Loves Linda Sarsour

• Reihan : Trump, Russia, and the Misconduct of Public Men and Hitting the Refresh Button on Net Neutrality

Light items :

• Charlie : Changes to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean

• Ian: The Night the Lights Went Out

• Reihan: The Strain

Exit questions :

• “Your confidence that there was no real collusion is now badly shaken, a little less, or completely unaffected?”

• “What is the political damage from the Trump Jr. revelation—0 is nothing, 10 is nuclear?”

• “If you had the offer of damaging information from a foreign government about your worst enemy, would you call the FBI or take it unabashedly—please be honest?”

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