Michael, Charlie, Dan, and Luke discuss the media’s coordinated anti-Trump editorials, John Brennan’s being stripped of his security clearance, a second round of litigation against Masterpiece Cake Shop, and the heinous PA grand jury report.

Editors’ picks:
• Luke: Jay Nordlinger comes to enlightenment in “You’re On Your Own.”
• Dan: Ed Whelan and Thomas Jipping on the minutiae of the Kavanaugh nomination fight. 
• Charlie: Kevin Williamson on “hypocrisy
• MBD: Gabriel Rossman’s On Wives and Widgets.

Light items:
• Luke: This addictive campaign music video from the cartoonishly corrupt Senator Daphne Campbell of Florida Senate District 38.
• Dan: Geoffrey Shaw’s Lost Mandate of Heaven.
• Charlie: My son’s first day at school.
• MBD: Scooters/Mopeds at the shore.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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  1. JuliaBlaschke Coolidge

    The Trump/Brennan thing is yet another example that both sides are awful. It is depressing.

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  2. Grendel Member

    Good observations on why the press has not been setting its hair on fire over the sexual molestation scandal in the RC Church.  Here are two more.  Besides the fact that they may find it a distraction from Trump bashing, it is and always has been overwhelmingly a plague of homosexual rape.  Moreover, the culpability of the bishops consists of adopting modern Progressive standards both in letting homosexuals into the priesthood and in sending offending priests to therapy rather than severe church discipline or civil prosecution.

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