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  1. Roosevelt Guck Inactive

    The editors don’t give Trump the credit he deserves for the transformation of the judiciary. While I agree that McConnell, Grassley, Graham, Collins and others brilliantly handled the Kavanaugh confirmation, Trump nominated him and stuck by him under great pressure. While the Senate leadership deserves credit for Gorsuch’s confirmation, Trump set the entire process in motion with his nomination.

    None of the House’s or the Senate’s accomplishments could have happened without Trump. How, then, can he be said to have “squandered” his opportunities? The only reason more was not accomplished was because no concensus could be reached among congressional Republicans on the big issues, such as immigration, health care, and trade.

    Despite my best efforts to imbue the Muller investigation with the significance that others do, the most impressive thing about it so far is the chain of events that brought it into existence in the first place. That was extraordinary. Consider:

    A contentious campaign with the Democrat nominee escaping indictment for destroying tens of thousands of work emails along with the servers on which they were stored. The emails contained classified information, contradicting the statements of nominee to the contrary.

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    • December 28, 2018, at 9:08 AM PST
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  2. Roosevelt Guck Inactive

    Wikileaks, which is either like a hostile spy service or a publisher depending on whom you ask, gets copies of Democrat nominee’s campaign staff emails by the tens of thousands and publishes them online for all to see. These disclosures embarass the nominee, who is shown to be distant, scripted and highly managed by a coterie of not-so-great handlers — a total phony. There seem to be potential scandals everywhere, just waiting to come out.

    The mainstream press is oblivious or uninterested or incapable of covering the Democrat nominee’s floundering campaign. She’s already won. It’s her time. Trump’s never gonna win. Group think all the way.

    Meanwhile, an opposition research effort funded by both Republicans and Democrats to dig up dirt on the eventual nominee, involving people with ties to CIA and FBI agents still working in the Administration, has been going on for some time. Big name Republicans in the Senate are involved.

    Relying on the opposition research without verifying it, a federal counter intelligence investigation is begun. Warrants are requested without revealing that the research on which they rely were partially based was tainted, at best.

    The investigation is influenced by partisans in law enforcement, who have links to the Democrat nominee, who write openly that they aim to stop the Republican nominee at all costs.

    Despite their best efforts, the schemers fail in their efforts to stop the election of Trump. It’s time for Plan B.

    The secret investigation of the president elect continues through his inauguration. But first, over the objections of the incoming administration, the outgoing administration engineers a vote to hurt Israel in the UN Security Council, and then pathetically declines either to vote for or to veto the measure–a spineless, spiteful disgrace that covers it with shame. Meanwhile, the president is continually told that he’s not under investigation by his FBI director, but who won’t publicly say so, fanning rumors to the contrary.

    The president loses his patience and fires the FBI Director. The Democrats panic because they have lost the man whom they had hoped would destroy the new president. Now it’s time for Plan C. His replacement–a Brutus if there ever was one–takes charge.

    This being their “break the glass” moment, Democrats insist on a special council, bring Republicans along for the ride, and voila, the Mueller investigation begin.

    All of these events together were extraordinary.

    What followed, however, read in the paper like the other investigations of the executive branch, whether it be Bush 41, 43 or Clinton, in its penchant for process crime prosecutions.

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    • December 28, 2018, at 11:36 AM PST
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  3. RS711 Inactive

    The Caps finally meeting expectations and winning a Stanley Cup is some kind of great achievement. Please spare me. The Caps were not choking dogs once and we are supposed to celebrate it. I will not.

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    • December 28, 2018, at 12:17 PM PST
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