University Challenge” is a British quiz show, watched all over the world (particularly on YouTube). A major star of the recent season was Eric Monkman, of Oakville, Ontario. He was the captain of a Cambridge team. And he wowed the world with — as Jay says — “his amazingly extensive knowledge; his unaffected, individualistic style; and his obvious generosity of spirit.”

A hashtag flew through the Internet: #monkmania. Jay confesses, happily, that he is a monkmaniac.

Eric is Jay’s guest on this “Q&A,” and Jay asks many questions — including one that Eric has no doubt gotten all his life: “How do you know so dang much?” They also talk about such issues as “elitism” and a “post-factual” age.

Eric Monkman is something distinctive under the sun. And, like Canadians in general, unfailingly polite and modest. You’ll see.

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    Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Monkmania makes it to Ricochet!

    Inspired choice of interviewee. Many thanks, @jaynordlinger.

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    • April 20, 2017 at 9:53 pm
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