Economist and education expert Eric Hanushek has found that a nation’s education level determines a significant chunk of its economic growth. And in a forthcoming paper, his research suggests that if US teacher quality rose to match the level of the world’s best perfoming school systems, such as Finland and South Korea, US economic growth could rise by as much as 0.8 percentage points per year. And yet all our indicators suggest American education continues to lag behind. So what is wrong with our education system, and what can be done about it? Hanushek joins me to discuss this and a lot more.

Eric Hanushek is a visiting scholar at AEI and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, where his research focuses on education policy and its impact on economic growth.

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  1. Coolidge

    I could not make it through this podcast. Too many instances of correlation used as proof of causation. Let me explain how it actually works. Good families make good students and good students make good schools. Nothing else matters. It is true in home schooling, one-room school houses, public schools and fancy private schools. That (families->students->schools) is the causation and everything else is a consequence.


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    • May 8, 2018, at 12:55 PM PDT
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  2. Coolidge

    I never make a blanket statement about a complicated subject where there is no exception to my generality.

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    • May 10, 2018, at 7:59 AM PDT
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