Posing nude, crying about personal struggles, and pretending to have mental disorders seem to be what’s taking over social media these days and The Chicks are SO over it. It’s turning the minds of our youth to mush. They can’t decipher what’s real and fake anymore. If you ask Mock and Daisy it’s all trendy attention-seeking nonsense!

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  1. Nohaaj Coolidge

    Hmmm. Ironic that you discuss Porizkova 56 year old beautiful woman, nude, then pretty but Rubenesque Iskra Lawrence, and their shared insecurities about body shape and instagram comments and then at least on my feed, your primary sponsors is genucel.  

    Men and women are genetically wired differently.

    Men are attracted sexually to beautiful and voluptuous women – genetically. 

    Men also appreciate creativity, sensuality, intelligence, compassion, humor, and an infinite number of other attributes,  But at our core, we are human. And humans have sexual attraction. 

    This is not a bad thing. It is nature. Men and women, both can have sexual attractions and attractiveness , but that does not limit nor restrict the fullness of their capability emotionally or intellectually. 

    Anyway. you feed the monster, the monster grows.  In this show you seemed to mock the essence of femininity when it should be elevated.  Men and women are different. They can not, nor ever will be the same. Both men and women have attributes which together form the perfect union and harmony to perpetuate the human race. 

    hmmm. things to ponder.  If cosmetic beauty is something to be scorned, mocked and belittled, then why have genucel as a sponsor.  To be clear, I have never (as a 62yr old  guy…) tried, nor have any incentive to try genucel. But it sounds like a wonderful product, which I might buy some day for Mrs. Nohaaj.  

    Beauty is neither good, nor bad.  But each of us perceives it in our unique life experience.  Life s not fair. Some are born with perceived beauty, others are not.  To pretend or dictate that Man (and woman) must ignore physical attraction or otherwise be considered (fill in the blank…. sexist, misogynist, etc, etc) evil, is in itself an evil.  

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