In today’s episode, Victor Davis Hanson joins us once again. The Middle East is seething with trouble, discord, danger and the inhumane murder of civilians in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt.  So what else is new? Perhaps the inadequate and conflicted  responses of the  major governments looking on. Or, is it perhaps time for them to go “neo-isolationist?” We discuss this with Victor who, in our judgement, is the wisest and most strongly spoken of the “realpolitikers.”

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  1. Profile Photo Inactive

    Everybody reading this knows VDH by his output and his historian bonafides. His digital media body of work is a play by play on America in historic times, the beginning of American decline. 

    Must Listening, thank you Victor and Milt , in another more ancient civilization this podcast would be clandestinely circulated among the believers,we are truly blessed.

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  2. Profile Photo Inactive

    VDH seemed to suggest Miley Cyrus’ act was our popular culture hitting rock bottom.

    He’s wrong on that point. Cyrus’ finger fun and tongue wagging may have been our culture taking a dead cat bounce off a ledge, but there is no bottom, rocky or otherwise.

    Ten years ago it was Janet Jackson’s nip slip. Last week it was Miley Cyrus’ foam finger. Hard to predict precisely what it will be in 10 years time, but it very likely won’t be good.

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  3. Profile Photo Coolidge

    Great podcast. 

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