Like the rest of the civilized world, we were horrified by the weekend’s events in Paris. Immediately we moved to bring you the most sober and informed analysis possible.

In this episode, we’re joined by two fine academics who study terror and its machinations — John Allen Williams of Loyola and Barry Kellman of DePaul — in studio. Via phone we talk to Daniel Greenfield, who has some very strong assertions toward Islam and the role of the faith in terror, and to the inimitable Victor Davis Hanson, who had a timely article on the tragedy.

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There are 3 comments.

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  1. Benjamin Glaser Inactive
    Benjamin Glaser

    This was a good discussion. I enjoy these long form interviews with experts and different voices.

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  2. Al Kennedy Inactive
    Al Kennedy

    Parts of the discussion were informative, but the two professors in the studio, who had the majority of the air time were not very knowledgeable about Islam and its history. They were appeasers for President Obama and his ineffective strategy for dealing with radical Islam. They made two major errors in my opinion. They focused exclusively on ISIS as opposed to the much larger problem of radical Islam, and they overlooked the fact that Islam is the only major religion that does not separate the religion from government and the power that government exerts. Sharia law negates any individual freedom in the societies where it is accepted. Victor Davis Hansen finally brought reality to the discussion in the last half hour.

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  3. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    It was funny listening to the one prof demanding examples, when he was actually engaging in the behavior the other prof (Daniel) was complaining about.

    Lets replace Islamic Fasism with another example ideology, say Communism. A Red Brigade launches an attack on a target and kills a 100 people. We would not immediately say in the press, social media and at dinner conversations. “This is not the fault of Communism. After all Communism is an ideology of Peace. You do know in fact in the past we have engaged in bad behavior so we cant judge. Oh by saying that this is really Communisms fault, you’re a bigot and a racist. “

    If anyone did make those claims, the vast majority of people would call them Communist stooges. Yet the day after an attacks where over a 100 people were killed, my social media and all my friends were acting like those very stooges. That is how we treat Islam different than other people.

    The third guest did not paraphrase it like that. But he did suggest we need to treat Islam like we would treat any other ideology. Islam is really the first totalitarian ideology. It shares many of the same traits as Communism or Fascism or Nazism. Its also a religion, so its harder to differentiate between the two.

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