The Vatican Prophecies with John Thavis

When most of us think of the supernatural in the Catholic religion, we think of the Shroud of Turin, or sightings of Mary, or exorcisms. These are just the big ones in a limitless line of claims which the Church must investigate.

John Thavis has years of experience working in the Vatican as the Rome Bureau Chief of the Catholic News Service and has written previously about what goes on with the Holy See. He goes deep into how this secretive team must vet miracles of those to be canonized, how they go around the world doing detective work on apparitions, or sightings of the Saints or demons. In The Vatican Prophecies Thavis also sheds some light on Pope Francis, a pope who has been thrust into the limelight at a time when the Church has passionate debate within and increasing pressure from the outside to adapt to an increasingly secular world.

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  1. GadgetGal Thatcher

    Milt is back!  Thank you, Ricochet.

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  2. Whiskey Sam Inactive
    Whiskey Sam

    Glad to see this!

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  3. Hoyacon Member

    This aired awhile ago, but it’s nice to see it here.

    BTW, the WCGO website still has his show listed on its schedule (?).

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  4. Pelayo Inactive

    Can we get this team to prove Climate Change is a hoax and report back to Pope Francis?

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  5. Milt Rosenberg Contributor
    Milt Rosenberg

    The Jewish elements mixed into modern Catholicism run deeper and often more painful than either scholarship or journalism have fully addressed. Apart from the still unreleased Vatican Archives from the years of the Shoa are the intruiging figures of Cardinal Lustiger of Paris, born into and first reared in an Ashkenasic family and of Eugenio Zolli,  The Grand Rabbi of Rome who, while sheltered in the Vatican, converted to Catholicism.. One wonders: are there any opposite cases of prominent Catholics who “came back” to Judaism?

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  6. rod Inactive

    for those like me who don’t know: Međugorje, or Medjugorje, is a town located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 25 km (16 mi) southwest of Mostar and close to the border of Croatia. The town is part of the municipality of Čitluk. Since 1981, it has become a popular site of Catholic pilgrimage due to reports of alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local Catholics

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  7. Mister Dog Coolidge
    Mister Dog

    Pelayo:Can we get this team to prove Climate Change is a hoax and report back to Pope Francis?

    Unfortunately, if Mr Thavis is to be believed, Vatican scientists were some the first to jump on the global warming bandwagon. He sounded as if that demonstrated their serious “sciencyness”…I tend think otherwise.

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  8. patpongmike Inactive

    Agreed.    I found this mildly interesting,  but the global warming play at the end blew it.    I will skip this book.

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  9. Milt Rosenberg Contributor
    Milt Rosenberg

    For the best general source of well-documented, skepticism about “climate change” as a threat or even as a scientifically-demonstrable reality, go to the many reports and articles at

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  10. Dr.Guido Member

    The Global Warming stuff was a step too far….I’m a traditional Catholic with 8 years of Jesuits behind me and more than average science background and THIS POPE simply shut out any and all dissent re. AGW and had a hard Left AGW activist atheist as a principal advisor. Thanks –but for a Pope with a hard science background in Chemistry, as he has, to have gone this way is preposterous…So, No Thanks.

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  11. patpongmike Inactive

    Just searched and not able to find any articles on climate change or climate change skepticism.   Am I searching in the wrong place?

    The climate warming hysteria seems to have all of the hallmarks of a fundamentalist belief system,   with enormous appeal to “religionless” people.   It fills the “hole in the soul”.    I observed a (former) Baptist friend take on “Global Warming” with all the same enthusiasm as he had applied to his former faith.   And there are many such examples.

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  12. Milt Rosenberg Contributor
    Milt Rosenberg

    At the Heartland site just go to their “Ceenter for Climate and Environmental Policy.”

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