It’s no secret that Russia is and has always been a propaganda state. Their efforts to control information and influence public opinion at home and abroad are are aggressive and extensive. But Putin’s Russia has a greater goal: to control the internet–the greatest tool in bringing about a total surveillance state.

But there’s another side to Big Comrade. It’s a legion of brilliant programmers and hackers who serve as a counterbalance to Putin’s goal of totalitarianism. It’s an epic struggle waged not with guns and bombs, but with mouse clicks and websites, disinformation, misinformation and leaks.

Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov are in a tenuous position. They are journalists in a nation where there really is no clear delineation between freedom of the press and when it’s better for your health to stop looking. Despite that uncertainty, they have investigated this fascinating interplay of technology, intelligence, commerce and freedom in brilliant style. Here’s their story: The Red Web: The Struggle Between Russia’s Digital Dictators and the New Online Revolutionaries. Follow their work in Russian or in English here.

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  1. Canadian Cincinnatus Inactive
    Canadian Cincinnatus

    Good article!

    Not enough people fully appreciate the concerted propaganda campaign waged by the Putin regime.

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  2. Jules PA Member
    Jules PA

    Can we subscribe to Milt-y in iTunes? I don’t see anything?

    I don’t know how else to get the audio onto my phone.

    I miss my time with Milt.

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  3. Fricosis Guy Listener
    Fricosis Guy

    Is this a repeat? Seems like I’ve seen/heard this one before.

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  4. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    Jules PA:Can we subscribe to Milt-y in iTunes? I don’t see anything?

    I don’t know how else to get the audio onto my phone.

    I miss my time with Milt.

    Totally with you. Milt is one of the best podcasters out there.

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  5. TempTime Member

    I listened and was very interested in your show. Thank you. I had heard of RT but had not actually paid much attention.

    Then today, coincidentally (?) I was reading the headlines at the Drudge report and there are two headlines seemingly related: one about the media being directed by the CIA and another about the Panama Papers — I clicked the links because my own home-town newspaper (Miami Herald — a blue paper for a certainty) is participating in promotion of the Panama Papers story.

    So, Where did the links take me? One link took me to a story at “Global Times” (Chinese ? internet news magazine), another link went to RT (Russian news channel), and another to “Humans Are Free” (not quite sure what this one is all about).

    I had no idea. Wow. The degree of just how wide spread and broad the propaganda machines of all the countries are today — rather amazing — and all connected together in such a timely manner that it almost feels orchestrated. Drudge? Coincidence? Happenstance?

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  6. Ralphie Member

    Canadian Cincinnatus:Good article!

    Not enough people fully appreciate the concerted propaganda campaign waged by the Putin regime.

    Especially in light of today’s news (DNC email release and Trump’s tease about them finding Hillary’s missing emails)

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