In this comparatively early venture in pessimism about the moral strength of the West, two leading historians of the classical world voice their doubts about whether Europe can (or will) resist the second coming of Islam. They are Victor Davis Hanson and Bruce Thornton who joined us in this prescient discussion in 2008.

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Published in: Culture, General, Politics

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  1. Cunctator Member

    Was really looking forward to this – but the audio is sooooo quiet even with the volume jacked up

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  2. Dorothea Inactive

    Cunctator:Was really looking forward to this – but the audio is sooooo quiet even with the volume jacked up

    I am so with you my dear. Did I tell you about the time my niece was stoned? She escaped with her life. It’s almost as if she did not want to die.

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  3. Wolverine Inactive

    Great discussion. Thanks Milt!

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  4. raycon and lindacon Inactive
    raycon and lindacon

    It brings tears to realize that this interview is almost 8 years old, and every optimistic note has been proven, by time, to be wrong. VDH seems so uncharacteristically wrong about American politics that he appear naive.

    It does, however, make the Donald Trump phenomenon more than understandable, it makes it inevitable.

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  5. Pathfinder1208 Member

    For anyone who would say that global and or economic conditions forced President Obama to adopt some of his policies I would point to this interview. Many accurately predicted who he was and what his intentions were. None more accurate that Victor Davis Hanson. Because of his politics and inexperience, the President owns the Syrian humanitarian crisis, the racial divisiveness that is evident in the country today, the lingering economic crises as well as many other problems that his policies have wrought.

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  6. Metalheaddoc Member

    Audio quality is horrible. Any way to re-process it with a higher volume?

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