Though church attendance in this nation has declined over the last several decades, by and large Christianity is still the predominant religion in this nation. But Christianity has not just influenced American values and culture. It has, as our guest James Papandrea writes, changed the world for the better. Along with his co-author Mike Aquilana, he says that it will do it again.

They’ve recently published Seven Revolutions. Jim joins Milt in this entry to discuss church history, doctrine, and the future of Christianity in an increasingly secular world.

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  1. Inwar Resolution Inactive
    Inwar Resolution

    So wonderful to have more Milt! :-)

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  2. Benjamin Glaser Inactive
    Benjamin Glaser

    The discussion of Calvinism and Augustinianism was weak, unsurprisingly as 60 seconds can hardly cover that properly.

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  3. Paul-FB Member

    Have missed you Milt. Look forward to more.

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  4. patpongmike Inactive

    Thanks for introducing me to James Papandrea. I downloaded two of his books. Have started “Reading the Early Church Fathers”, and it is precisely what I had been seeking, a foundation in the early Church. And yes, atheism is intellectually empty, riddled with contradictions. Thanks for those (better than I) who can point this out. I plan to listen to this podcast again (and again, probably). Delighted to have met James Papandrea

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