Dick Ciccone is one of the members of Milt’s Political A-Team. He’s also a decorated war veteran, a college professor, a fantastic author, journalist and newsman, and a helluva golfer. He spent decades in the business, including as managing editor of the Chicago Tribune. He’s one of the most fascinating people to ever have appeared on the program, with a sublime understanding of Chicago, words, and the political landscape of America.

We realized that we hadn’t yet delved into the mind of Dick Ciccone, and it was high time that we did it. What emerged was a truly remarkable look into the evolution of the newspaper business, journalism, and American politics.

We’re most grateful to have had Dick Ciccone as a resource for this program in its various iterations. He is a friend, and a great American.

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  1. John Hendrix Thatcher
    John Hendrix

    Engrossing show, Milt.  Thank you.

    I greatly enjoy your guests who can explain the political inside-baseball and other little known background details for the events that contributed to producing today’s world.

    I am one of your new listeners and I am very much looking forward to interviews with the other members of your A Team.  I have no idea who the other A Team members might be but I expect they are going to be quite interesting too.

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