A collective cry resounds from coast to coast: “We’ve got to fix our broken education system!” Yet, what do we do? Young Americans are caught between schools’ requirements to maintain certain levels of testing and garnering a valuable, useful education that can manufacture valuable, able-minded citizens.

E. D. Hirsch is a pioneer in the field of cultural literacy. Being literate on one’s cultural is as important as being literate in letters and the two are indeed married. When one’s ability to read and write at an appropriate level is below certain levels, of course their understanding of their environment and culture is retarded as well.

This is a heartbreaking conversation of critical importance to us all. Hirsch is still at it, now heading the Core Knowledge Foundation. For anyone who has ever cared about what their child is learning and why, this is an episode not to be missed.

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Published in: Culture

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  1. Caryn Thatcher

    I haven’t listened yet–at work and unable–but I’m very much looking forward to hearing what E.D. Hirsch has to say. I read his book back when it came out in the late 80s and loved it. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the future of our educational system or even in knowing why culture matters and why it is important to have literacy in a shared one.

    Oh, I’m looking forward to this podcast!!

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  2. Walker Inactive

    Milt, Welcome Back!!! Hope to hear more from you and your guests. Lot’s more!! Including from your “A” Panel. We could use some wisdom at this point. :(

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  3. Milt Rosenberg Contributor
    Milt Rosenberg

    Walker, yes we could use some wisdom at this moment and this moment is when sociopathy rules in presidential combat. I pray for the lesser evil (or lesser incompetence) but fear that the “greater” one will come in the darkening sky of early November.

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  4. The Werst member Inactive
    The Werst member

    Is this a new episode? It sounds similar to an episode I heard over a year ago.

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  5. The Werst member Inactive
    The Werst member

    Dr. Rosenberg, will you be interviewing Dr. Hirsch about his new book Why Knowledge Matters: Rescuing Our Children from Failed Educational Theories? 

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