Did Donald Trump Kill Libertarianism?

Is Libertarianism dead? We ask Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie.

Speaking of dead…two bad guys are dead, in Texas and Maryland, because some good guys just did their jobs.

And speaking of doing their jobs…Hey President Trump—could you please do yours?

PLUS: Author and businessman David Bahnsen calls out the anti-Christian bigotry against his friend Larry Kudlow.

And the Confession Hotline is open for your calls commenting on today’s show: 617-903-TALK (8255) Best of the best calls played every Friday!

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  1. LibertyDefender Inactive

    I missed this podcast yesterday, the day it was published, on account of being in the Washington DC area where EVERY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFFICE WAS CLOSED due to nearly three (3) inches of snow.  The problem wasn’t the snow per se, but rather the local governments had spent all day Monday spreading brine gel pretreatment on the roads, … which was washed away by the rain that fell all day long Tuesday before turning to snow, as was predicted.

    Great guests, though I have historically had my problems with Nick Gillespie’s tendency to overlook known unintended consequences of the unrestrained libertarianism he espouses.

    David Bahnsen coined a new term: “revenue subtractionary.”  I love it. I fully intend to become a reactionary activist against policies that are revenue subtractionary.  I’m an anti-subtractionary reactionary!

    Finally, as a former California resident, I thoroughly enjoy David Bahnsen’s Radio Free California podcast that he publishes (too infrequently) with Will Swaim, and encourage the Ricochetti to listen to it as well.

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