Tucker Carlson Analyzes The Liberal Tribe

“What people in New England who hate Trump are really saying is ‘I make over $100 grand a year and I have a graduate degree.'”

So says Fox News host Tucker Carlson in this bonus edition of the Behind The Blue Wall podcast. He also talks about his family’s connections to Maine, the bizarre story of the book-banning “bookstore,” and why you’ll never hear the phrase “I can’t believe you said that” from him.

Also, with the Seattle “jobs” tax in the news, a bonus appearance by Ethan Epstein of the Weekly Standard talking about his recent article on homelessness in one of America’s bluest cities.

And a brand-new “You gotta be kidding me” update on the Junot Diaz story that started the entire “liberal book banning” conversation.

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Published in: Politics
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