The Worst Father’s Day Advice…EVAH!

Just in time for Father’s Day weekend, the Behind the Blue Wall podcast brings you some of the most terrible and culturally unacceptable advice on being a dad ever recorded. In other words, it’s 100% honest.

The editorial page editor of the Boston Herald and four-time father Tom Shattuck (aka “The Great And Powerful Tom” of radio fame) talks about what it’s really like to be a dad, particularly when you’re someone who doesn’t like kids.

How should a dad with daughters who are into sports feel watching their girls lose a girls’ high school athletic competition to guys?  Legendary sports broadcaster Gerry Callahan talks about the latest case from Connecticut.

And his first child is on the way, so we offer The Weekly Standard’s Holmes Lybrand some dadly advice, starting with “Do a better job of naming your kids than your parents did.”

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Published in: Humor
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