How Many Feminists Does It Take To Figure Out A Joke?

The brilliant Chris Caldwell of The Weekly Standard makes a reluctant-but-brilliant appearance on the podcast, live from the Ricochet Podcast Summit at AEI.

We also talk about a two-word joke told on an elevator that made international news thanks to a nutty Massachusetts feminist.

And cameo, off-the-record appearances by Peter Robinson and Charles C. W. Cooke.

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Published in: Politics
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  1. Taras Coolidge

     What would Ronald Reagan have made of Donald Trump? 

     I think he would have reminded Reagan of people with whom Reagan had a very successful relationship for many years, first as a board member of the Screen Actors Guild and then for six terms as its President:  the Hollywood moguls. 

     Compared with those tough, vulgar, self-made men, of course, Trump  would have come off as sophisticated and over-polite! 

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  2. SusanAbercrombie Inactive

    I am slightly younger than the unfortunate academic whose joke brought down the wrath of the safe-spacers and free-speech-only-in-this-zoners.  I was an enthusiastic feminist at a time when it was all about freedom of choice and opportunity.  It has become all about coercion and controlling women.  Any woman who voted against Hillary must, by definition, have been influenced by a man!  Once again, it is assumed that women are not (and by extension must not be) allowed to think for ourselves and make our own choices. 

    We are not alone.  Black Republicans are shunned for acting against someone else’s view of the best interests of their ethnic group.  Black Republicans have never been welcome in the Congressional Black (liberal Democratic) Caucus.  Hillary Rodham famously dressed down Massachusetts’ sitting Senator Edward Brooke (the invited commencement speaker) at her Wellesley graduation. 

    We have somehow created a society of wall-to-wall grievance.  We treasure and encourage the taking of offense.  And the acting on it.  Why are children shooting up our schools?  Perhaps because we have told them it’s all right to wig out.  Why road rage events which end with vehicular homicide, or a knifing at the side of the road?  Why mobs rioting and stealing and committing arson because the WTO is meeting in town, or the wrong candidate won?

    Self control and personal responsibility were once cultural values, here and elsewhere.  How did we lose that?  When did every misfortune and setback become someone else’s fault?  Where did we get the idea that censuring this joke or preventing that film from being screened or banishing a dis-invited speaker makes us safer or better or less powerless?

    To demands for apology, the offending humorist reportedly replied, “Bite me.”  Good for him!  Blue lives matter.  Hillary lost because she is a flawed person who ran an inept campaign.  Life sucks.  Get over it!

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