Hillary’s Got 41 Problems and, Actually, Ladies….

Hillary Clinton has 41 problems and yes, ladies, you ARE one.

Trump’s long game vs Mueller.

HotAir.com’s Jazz Shaw on McCabe, Katie Perry…and submarine murderers?

And w hat’s life like when you walk away from politics? Blogger and interwebs troublemaker Frank Fleming reveals all.

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Published in: Politics
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  1. contrarian Member

    “Poll shows 2 out of 3 Democrats believe Russians tampered with the vote… A lot of them are kooky and thought Bush was behind 9/11.” – Only a tiny fraction are conspiracy kooks. The problem is with the language in the media and that the average person is a LIVer (Low Information VotER).
    The right must stop saying, “Russia tampered with the election. They didn’t. Nor did they hack it or rig it or attack it or even interfere with it That is the Democrats’ framing. Never accept their framing.


    What is an election? By definition, it’s a formal process by which a decision is made through voting. Aside from the early voting and absentee ballots, it happens on one day. Russia didn’t interfere with that process. Every government agency agrees. However, the LIVers hear and read about Russia manipulating ‘the election.’ This language misleads the public, who often just read headlines and only half pay attention to the news.


    We should always say, ‘Russia tried to manipulate public opinion,’ and never say, ‘they meddled in our election.’

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    • March 20, 2018, at 12:25 PM PDT
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  2. contrarian Member

    Saying “Trump didn’t win; Hillary lost,” doesn’t seem fair to me.
    You’re right that Biden could have easily beaten Trump. Couldn’t Jeb have easily beaten Hillary as well? ‘X didn’t win; Y lost,’ makes sense when there’s an imbalance, like a young fighter beating an old one because he lacked stamina.


    In 2016 the candidates were both awful, which means that they were evenly matched. This wasn’t a championship fighter vs an undercard fighter. This was a pair of old hobos fighting over a bottle of hooch.

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    • March 20, 2018, at 1:19 PM PDT
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