CNN’s Ugly “Angry Mob” Town Hall Moment

CNN hosts an anti-gun angry mob disguised as a town hall;

National Review’s David French on the current state of our gun conversation;

Nancy Pelosi’s plan for border security? Riding lawnmowers!

And my review of the Black Panther—the movie, and the politics.

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  1. contrarian Member
    1. Okay, now I’m totally confused. First I thought your intent was to pass something to get the activist left to back down. Then I thought you just want to signal an openness to change to the moderates. ‘Break the fever’ sounds like I was right the first time. Which do you want? If it’s the first and not the second, have you thought this through? What do you think would happen in a year when the ‘do something’ measure doesn’t stop the next mass shooting?
    2. I felt bad for Dana. The Parkland kids are talking about her as Cruella DeVille – with firearms instead of animal furs. She’s a really tough cookie, though.
    3. It’s not really fair to say we solved things after “one 9-11.” It was an attack using hijacked planes and we began dealing with that as a security issue 50 years earlier. We’ve been working on this problem for maybe a third as long.
    4. I understand your reticence to say ‘murderer’ about abortion. I never say it for being pro-choice. I -will- say it if someone works at PP. By the way, can you imagine cable news, even FOX, doing a “town hall” like this for abortion instead of gun control? There was almost no coverage of Gorsuch. Then the response to Douglas Karpen was making a heroine of abortion Barbi- who’ll be played by Sandra Bullock in a movie now.
    5. I used to be super anti-gun. I’m not now because I believe there’s a real constitutional right to gun ownership. I didn’t use to. I think you’re mistaken about antigun forces just being interested in confiscation. When I was in college the activists I knew had more creative ideas about seeing to it that only military and law enforcement could use guns.
    6. I feel bad for these kids. I want to make allowances but they are saying stupid and insulting things. If an ordinary adult talked as they do, then you could take them apart in a debate. By using them as spokespeople, the left creates a situation where genuine engagement on issues is impossible.
    7. I like French and his proposal is interesting, but I’m very skeptical. You can’t just pathologize emotional and moral aberration. Most evil people are quite sane; they just have perverted values. Plus the mentally ill are far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators. You’d need a genuine illness as a basis for violating ordinary civil rights and except for the Gabby Gifford shooting, I don’t think you could establish a link between mental disorder and the tendency toward violence. (Something like autism or depression would not be enough by itself.) Also, the process for involuntary commitment is already a dumpster fire if you care about civil liberties and due process.
    8. I think the solution is hardening schools as targets, like airports, which has prevented more 9-11 style attacks using planes.
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    • February 22, 2018, at 9:27 AM PST
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  2. Eeyore Member
    EeyoreJoined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Michael, if you want to give ’em bump stocks, then force Congress to pass a law to ban them. If this is done as a simple ATF regulatory measure, that gives the ATF legal precedent to determine anything which may or may not be allowed by regulation alone.

    Thus, in the future, President Kamala Harris will appoint an anti-gun zealot like Andrew Traver to lead the ATF, who will then go full AWB, no semi-autos, etc., etc., leading to a decade of vicious court fights, and possible losses.

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    • February 22, 2018, at 3:14 PM PST