Hoover political scientists David Brady and Doug Rivers diagnose the Trump presidency’s health based on polling data and the state of antiglobalization populism on the eve of France’s presidential vote. Will European Union resentment, like many a would-be invader, fail to make it across the English Channel?

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Published in: Politics

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  1. Arnold Falk Member
    Arnold Falk

    This is my first time to listen to Professors Brady and Rivers, and I thank them for their podcast.

    My impression throughout this podcast is that both these gentlemen still do not understand WHY what has happened in the cases of Brexit and Trump, and is starting to happen here in Europe where I live, has taken place.  I perceive they look down on those who question the wisdom of globalism.  They do not take into account that many millions of displaced workers have simply given up in looking for work, and are no longer “in the work force”.  This is true in the USA and it is true here.  They discount the value most citizens place in maintenance of cultural traditions, patriotism, and concern they have for their neighbor who they know is a solid person and a good citizen who simply has been left behind by a short-sighted trade deal that benefits his/her neighbors.  It is about more than economics, Professors Brady and Rivers.

    When will it become broadly understood that “fair and balanced trade”, that is best enforced in bilateral deals with escape clauses,  is superior to “free trade”?  Both can yield globalization, but one doesn’t leave millions of displaced persons in the shadows, their dreams of a reasonably prosperous life broken.  When will it become understood that when a country breaks fundamental rules of the WTO, that country needs to be warned, and then kicked out if not complying after a reasonable period?  When will it be understood that most people are not against reasonable immigration, but that characterized by (as it pertains to adults) admitting only those with at least good health, basic literacy, some skills and a culture that gives promise of successful assimilation?  And when will it be understood by academia that the average citizen wants secure borders, and that those globalists who favor no borders, or very soft and unenforced borders, are courting utter destruction of advanced societies with welfare structures that can be, and are actually in the process of being swamped?  When will you understand, Professors Brady and Rivers?

    In summary, my perception of Professors Brady and Rivers is that they see what has taken place, but still do not understand WHY what has happened has taken place.  What has taken place is that the “little guy”, and that includes many average working class citizens, has been left behind because of some really stupid policies that led to uncontrolled globalization that benefit many to be sure (like me, a retired engineer), but hurt a great many as well.  He/she has now decided to vote.

    Arnold Falk

    Stans, Switzerland

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  2. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    I disagree with Arnold Falk’s comments here (#1).

    I think the podcast expresses an understanding of the backlash to globalization as well as the lack of ideas to fix some of the issues for blue collar workers.  They addressed how guaranteed income ideas, for instance, are counter to an American culture grounded in work.  (See Faber and the Puritan Work Ethic.).

    In my view this is not a lack of understanding *why* a backlash exists.  Nor, as they mentioned, is this the first such backlash in history though it has a unique context.

    I found the way people answer polls differently when $ is on the table fascinating.

    Interesting addition to Ricochet.

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  3. rod Inactive

    this was recorded at a very low volume.  either that or these guys need to speak up.

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  4. Benjamin Glaser Inactive
    Benjamin Glaser

    These guys need to listen to VDH on the other podcast.

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