Did the parties’ virtually convention change the dynamics of the presidential race? Apparently not. David Brady and Douglas Rivers, Hoover Institution senior fellows and Stanford University political scientists, discuss the lack of a lasting “Trump bump,” and whether civil unrest is affecting Joe Biden’s lead, plus the concept of a “hidden” Trump voter that pollsters can’t ascertain.

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  1. Quintus Sertorius Coolidge
    Quintus Sertorius

    I really enjoy this podcast and especially like the conversations with Dave Brady and Doug Rivers….each calls balls and strikes and Mr. Whalen always asks pertinent questions. I am using this podcast for my Politics Class this week!!

    I do however disagree that Donald Trump is the Republican Party and that the convention showed that. I think the Republican Party is more Tim Scott and Nikki Haley et al than Donald Trump. This shift has been occurring since before Donald Trump and I will respectfully argue will continue after him. There has always been a nativist element in the Republican Party since the 1850’s with the Know Nothings but I do not think that is the direction of the party. Donald Trump may have brought that element more into the spotlight…or should I say the more negative aspects nativist (there is nothing wrong with looking out for the citizens of this nation…which in our case means citizens of various ethnic backgrounds) but the party will not be dominated by that negative aspect of nativism. I  would also argue that those like Bill Kristol and some at The Dispatch are also missing this shift. Do Republicans support Donald Trump…of course…he is the nominee and the president…if Bernie Sanders was president and the Democratic nominee and went full on Socialist with taking over private property etc 98% of the Democrats would support him…and not because they are Socialists but because he is a Democratic President. 

    Donald Trump is not the future of the Republican Party…Tim Scott and those citizens of all ethnic backgrounds like him are the future of the Republican Party….

    The caveat to all of this…is the Republican Party smart enough to go after those votes…my thesis is yes and they will leave the more negative aspects” that President Trump has allowed to come to light (not QAnoon either…what a red herring that is) behind or on the fringes…President Trump has no ideology nor does he care about the Republican Party…if he thought he could get elected by Socialists he would support Socialism….he is a Republican because that is where he thought he had a chance and Hilary probably pissed him off at a donor dinner in 2010 or something….he is not the future of this party….

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  2. mildlyo Member

    Just keep thinking all this gentleman. Very useful.

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  3. MISTER BITCOIN Inactive





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  4. Quintus Sertorius Coolidge
    Quintus Sertorius

    I will admit that my thoughts on all of this are still a bit scattered….one could well argue that Donald Trump in spite of himself  and because of a political calculation has quickened a shift in the party that was already slowly occurring. In the past 10-12 years a small number of more conservative mined minorities  have began to shift to the Republican Party. Though this has not really shown up at the voting booth one can see it in the blogger sphere and YouTube….Donald Trump…even though he does not himself really care (he is who he is…he cares about his own winning) has sped up this process because it was politically advantageous to do so. However, he is not the one to forge this new coalition and as Michael Anton argues in the current Powerline Podcast, the Republican Party must forge this coalition. Donald Trump did not begin this nor can he finish it….the parity needs people like Tim Scott and Jason Riley….that is the future of the party. Right now….Donald Trump will have the support because he is president and that is politics….but if the party does not hitch its wagon to those like Tim Scott and Jason Riley…true conservatives….the party will go the way of the Whigs…..

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