With help of an old joke, Rob Long explains why agents in Hollywood are the professional deliverers of bad news (except for the occasional random encounter with a network executive). Pro tip: never ask a network executive you just ran into about your “rice bowl” (that’s show-biz slang for your future income, as in a pickup for your pilot or a renewal for your on-the-bubble show). Also, what is it like to be on the receiving end of a “your show is cancelled” call? And then to have the bad news pop up in the press minutes later? Rob — something of an expert on this topic — describes it in minute detail. Finally, Rob reveals the telltale signs that your show might actually be going well, and, also, how to feel when your agent wistfully mutters the phrase “dark skies.” It may not mean what you think.

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  1. Stad Coolidge

    I love these podcasts!  Keep ’em coming, Rob . . .

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  2. Doug Kimball Thatcher
    Doug Kimball

    Capricious is the word.  You are a satirist, a comic writer, writing in a world where every joke is an offense and the audience is so touchy, a breeze is an affront to personal space.  It’s no wonder that the sitcom is on life support.  And don’t get me going on film; nihilism and apocalypse are characters, not just themes.  Copycats have just given up and simply become plaigerists racing to be first to release.  Endings are not cathartic, but bleak.  Heros are pathetic, confused and lost.  There is nothing new behind the camera.  And every silly plot twist can be explained with time travel, the ubiquitous meme. 

    Good news!  You are still funny.  Eventually the executives will see that humor is good and never breaks bones or really hurts anyone.  Remember the dog who thought he was a cat?  He tried to meow, but it was ruff. 

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