This week, Rob explains the relationship between a classroom of vomiting kids and actors over-botoxing themselves. Yes, there is one. Really.


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  1. Hammer, The (Ryan M) Member
    Hammer, The (Ryan M)

    Or the wearing of masks.  Which is the exact same phenomenon.

    You will recall your question to Dr. George Savage about one year ago:  “Doctor Savage-  should I be wearing a mask?”

    Dr. Savage (in summary)  “That depends on you.  It is not likely to provide any medical benefit to you, but it is a symbol and a signal to those around you that you take this disease seriously and that you care.”

    One year later, the science is not to be questioned, and that symbol has become a mandate in many parts of the world.

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  2. Taras Coolidge

    The biggest problem is when an older actress portrays a character who isn’t a plausible person to have had a facelift; e.g., homeless or working class.

    I think it’s in the movie, First Wives’ Club, in which Goldie Hawn’s character is ridiculed for her puffy lip job.

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  3. JennaStocker Member

    What a fantastic commentary! I laughed at the comparison of one child unable to keep from vomiting starting a chain reaching of the most horrific experience. I doubt the bystanders  saw the first ill kid and thought ‘gee, what a good idea!’, yet the starlets see one young thing disfigure her own face (on purpose!)  and think just that. The madness of crowds. Thank you for a good bite of real humor, @roblong

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