Modern social and political discussions all seem to revolve around the concept of identity. Dr. Carl Trueman, theologian and former William E. Simon Fellow in Religion and Public Life here at the Madison Program, discusses how thinkers like Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche created a world in which sexuality is politicized, and in which we all instinctively know what it means to “identify as.”

Dr. Trueman is the author two recent books, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, and a shorter, study-version on the same topic, Strange New World.

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  1. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    Great start to Season 2! I enjoyed the discussion and have put Dr. Trueman’s “Strange New World” on my reading list. Interesting points about integralism. I tend to agree with Dr. Trueman that full dominance over secular society is “never going to happen,” but then the question becomes to what extent should the Church strive to attain it? We have to, it seems, endeavor to exert some level of influence on the greater society, even while we are aware many people will not see things our way no matter what. It’s like an individual striving to live a perfect moral life, all the while knowing it’s “never going to happen.”

    Thanks for the podcast, Annika. Glad to see MN in good hands. 

    Bill Warford

    Fair Haven, NY

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