What is the American Right, where does it come from, and how has it changed over time? Journalist and author Matthew Continetti discusses his recent book: The Right: The Hundred Year War for American Conservatism.

Continetti is Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and was formerly the founding editor and the editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon. Previously, he was opinion editor at the Weekly Standard. He is also a contributing editor at National Review and a columnist for Commentary magazine.

Continetti’s recent book: https://www.the-right-book.com/

The shifting demographics of wealthiest Americans, discussed during this episode: https://news.bloombergtax.com/daily-tax-report/democrats-tax-hike-bet-relies-on-their-new-500-000-plus-voters?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=taxdesk&utm_campaign=5B08EF5E-A165-11EB-8C78-8C0750017A06

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