Two Men and a Vespa

Monday June 21st was supposed to be “Freedom Day” in the UK as the Covid-19 restrictions were to finally go away. Yeah, right.

James and Toby reflect on the PM’s delay and look forward to a weekend of conflicting protests next Saturday as lockdown sceptics, BLM and Extinction Rebellion all plan to take to London’s streets.

With the word that New Zealand will be sending the world’s first transgender athlete to the Summer Games in Tokyo, the boys look back on their own stunning athletic careers.

In Culture Corner we find out that (surprise!) Russian literature is a little too depressing for bedtime and Toby wonders how much a certain Italian scooter company paid to Pixar for the 95-minute advert that is Luca.

Opening sound this week is courtesy of Sky News with reporter Jon Craig and Tory MP Damian Green (Ashford.)

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  1. Pudge Member

    Can you link to Crichton report story? 

    Matt Cullen 

    St. Louis, Mo

    • #1
  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    I just watched Luca with my daughter this weekend. When I saw the title I wondered if it was connected to the movie but didn’t know how. I forgot about Culture Corner.

    • #2