Travels with Delingpole

A midweek release for this episode as James has been on the “last holiday” with his family and comes to us from Croatia and the shores of the Adriatic.

The big story this week is Britain’s fuel “crisis” and the PM’s decision to “bring in the army.” The blame, of course, is directed at Brexiteers, justified or not.

London Calling fans greet Toby as he participated in a lockdown debate this week and we speculate whether or not those that approached him are really “Team Toby” or just saying that to spare his feelings. And finally, who has jumped the shark into woke silliness more? Scientific American for the demonisation of the Jedi for being “white saviours”or the season two of Ted Lasso?

In Culture Corner, James rediscovers the late novelist Irwin Shaw (The Young LionsRich Man, Poor Man) and the glories of the printed page in a real book.

Opening sound this week is of the PM addressing the petrol situation courtesy of GB News.

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  1. ToryWarWriter Reagan

    James really has a lot more belief in the competence of these people who running his conspiracies.  I have just met to many of those people to give them that credence.  I am sorry they truly are this stupid.  Most of them have never had a real job.  


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  2. Duane Oyen Member
    Duane Oyen

    I’ve about decided to stop listening to London Calling because, despite my affection for Toby Young, James has turned into a parody of himself as a total anti-vaxx conspiracy nut.  His obsession sort of reminds me of, say, Bill Kristol, David French. or Jennifer Rubin talking about Trump- minds emptied of all other thoughts, they have one topic played on an endless, infinitely boring loop.

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