To the Hounds!

This week our intrepid duo is armed and dangerous. The first segment of the show is dedicated to shooting and the hunt. After the fun we return to the news of the day which, of course, is dominated by Covid both at home and abroad.

In an abbreviated Culture Corner, James reviews the new Beatles documentary Get Back from director Peter Jackson and Disney+ and Toby sees Belfast from writer/director Kenneth Branagh and recommends that you run – not walk – as far away from this film as humanly possible.

Opening sound this week is from the not-so-sage Chris Whitty.



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  1. colleenb Member

    I had heard the story about the Australia ‘camp’ situation but hadn’t realized it involved the Aborigines and the part of the country that has so few people in it. As to New Zealand – apparently when they confiscated the guns they also confiscated their brains.

    • #1
  2. Taras Coolidge

    The movie, Belfast, briefly comes to life with the glimpses of late-Sixties pop culture, as the besieged Belfasters watch Star Trek on the tube, and Raquel Welch as a cavegirl in a fur bikini at the movies.  (“It’s educational for the kids,” Dad protests to Mom.)

    Even so, I left when my popcorn gave out.

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  3. EJHill Podcaster

    Taras (View Comment):
    Even so, I left when my popcorn gave out.

    That is the most brutal one sentence movie review I have ever read.

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