The Last Temptation of Delingpole and Young

A London Calling Tuesday can only mean one thing – Toby got a last-minute grouse shooting invitation – for Monday.

As the Johnson Premiership comes to a close this week (The final results of the race between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are to be announced next Monday), we discuss the possibility that Tobes could end up in the House of Lords, which leads to a discussion of James’ new book about “God and Stuff.”

Perhaps he will have more time to write since James has decided to become the latest individual to remove himself from Twitter. And as Delingpole retreats we  note the return of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. In fact, she has us rejoicing in the streets and partying like it was 1990.

In Culture Corner, there’s House of Dragons, The Offer, Somerset Maugham and Black Bird (Apple TV).

Opening sound this week: The crew from The Project react to Meghan’s Mandela comparison, courtesy Network 10 Australia.

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  1. randallg Member

    Heh – “Member from Wet Fartington”

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  2. EJHill+ Podcaster

    After the show, Tobes and I explained to James that Twitter would only give him 30 days to reactivate his account or he would have to start from scratch. He’s back online this morning.

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