The Great Reset

Oh, to be in England now that snow has come… as it wreaks havoc on the Delingpole household.

Otherwise, everything is going “Great…” as in The Great Reset, The Great Reopening… The Great Revolt. There seems to be two kind of people in the world right now, the compliant and the rebellious. You can guess where our intrepid duo slots in. And it’s not in Davos.

Of course nobody’s in Davos this year, it’s all one great big Zoom meeting. They’re making decisions for 7 Billion people there. Are you watching? (Xi Jinping is here, the concert film is here.)

On the culture side, James is giving a thumbs down to Raised by Wolves (HBO Max) and looking forward to Russell T. Davies’ It’s a Sin (Channel 4 in the UK with future release in the US on HBO and Amazon Prime in Canada). For Toby, he’s recommending Homecoming with Julia Roberts (Amazon Prime) and suggests avoiding Season 3 of the Billy Bob Thornton lawyer series, Goliath.

Opening sound this week is Klaus Schwab opening the Davos Conference online.

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  1. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Why does Klaus sound like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies…………?

    • #1
  2. GlennAmurgis Coolidge

    Few are talking about this in the US  –

    John Kerry is for this – he will use Climate Change as the reason to justify it 


    • #2
  3. colleenb Member

    Great podcast as usual lads. Do want James stock making methodology. I am getting to the point were I’m beginning to think one does have to make your own stock. Ah yes, a Land and/or Range Rover would definitely crush skinny Mr. Delingpole. And please realize James that your wife would probably laugh and take pictures of you under the Land Rover for a number of minutes before she called an ambulance.

    • #3
  4. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    GlennAmurgis (View Comment):

    Few are talking about this in the US –

    John Kerry is for this – he will use Climate Change as the reason to justify it


    Yes, few people are talking about it because our new administration is busy slashing the pipeline jobs, ignoring the insurrections on the west coast, opening the borders, etc etc .  and Schumer wants Biden to ignore Congress and declare a Climate Emergency and usher in the Great Reset with all its new draconian laws –  His comment: “Trump used this emergency for a stupid wall, which wasn’t an emergency. But if there ever was an emergency, climate is one,” Schumer added.

    No one is paying attention……….

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