Show Me Your Papers

This week the British bed-wetters are doubling down on the lockdown and Toby and James are thinking abut forming a new political party called the Dangerous Party for people who are pro-risk.

Speaking of risk, the lads lead off with a recount of James’ near fine and/or arrest for committing an act of journalism as the constabulary questions his presence at the Speaker’s Corner of Hyde Park yesterday (and a tip of the hat to our Twitter follower @SteveRightNLeft)

In our cultural segment Toby praises Crimson Tide on its 25th anniversary and cites its relevance for today and James gushes over the Israeli series Fauda.

Our lead audio clip this week is SkyNews Deputy Political Editor, Sam Coates. ()

The Guardian critique of Toby’s lockdown site is here.

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  1. LibertyDefender Member

    Sign me up for the Dangerous Party!  I’ll staff the Contentious Public Relations team.  I’ll conduct on-site research in Tanzania.  Danger to the Left of politics, Danger to the Right of politics, Onward!

    Toby Young‘s Lockdown Sceptics website even scored a mention on that other great website, Powerline.

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  2. rdowhower Member

    Why do British police officers always look like they should be taking orders at an upscale restaurant instead of keeping the public safe?  Nice attempt at a beard, officer.  Hopefully someday you will be able to grow a full mustache so you don’t appear to be 14.

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  3. colleenb Member

    Yes Jeremy Corbyn’s brother is a believer in the 5G/Wuhan virus connection. This has me worried if he is indeed a climate change skeptic. It is odd when the police confront or arrest people and they are not wearing either masks or gloves. 

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