Party at the Young House!

Due to the graciousness of Her Majesty’s Government, we’re starting this week with a party at the Young house! (No, not in the Young house, just at the Young house.)

We talk about the BBC’s decision not to cover last Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest – in spite of roughly 100,000 people attending –  the forthcoming march on May 29th, whether the “Indian Variant” will stop the PM from lifting all restrictions on June 21st as planned, and why are so many media types promoting the vaccine?

Then there are musings on a variety of topics: Why weren’t James and Toby admitted into the inner sanctum of the British Establishment when they were at Oxford?  Would the guys cut it at being MI6 spies? Mali gives Toby the chance to be a hero (again) and the wife remains unimpressed (still)

In culture corner, Toby has a confession and James praises The Pursuit of Love.

This week’s opening sound of the PM courtesy of The Telegraph (via YouTube.)

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    The Battle of Badon Hill (Mons Badonicus) is first mentioned by the monk, St. Gildas, in his De Excidio Britanniae (On the Ruin of Britain, ca. 536).  

    Gildas says the battle happened in the year of his birth (ca. 500), but does not name the British commander, traditionally Arthur, in what appeared at the time to be a final victory against the Saxons.  Historian John Morris suggests that Arthur was unpopular with the monks because he taxed the monasteries to support his army.

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  2. Saint Augustine Member
    Saint Augustine

    I actually have seen metal scaffolding in Hong Kong, but bamboo is the norm. The bamboo looks safe to me. Looks fun to climb.

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  3. Charlotte Member

    If your dog is unable to hold its own against a fox, it’s too small.

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  4. EJHill Podcaster

    Charlotte: If your dog is unable to hold its own against a fox, it’s too small.

    Toby and Mali:

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