James Delingpole is back from holiday and Toby Young is puzzled at the lack of law schools grads in the Game of Thrones universe. Also, is Jon Snow not a bastard? Listen in to find out.

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  1. LC Member

    Guys, the Night King. He’s the Night King.

    Robb and Talisa. Yeaaaaah the Red Wedding was definitely not their wedding.

    Sam can’t claim the Tarly house because he’s still a man of the watch. Unless he dies and comes back like Jon. Or he successfully deserts.

    That annulment and marriage certificate will come up later. Likely a combo of Bran and Sam’s info dump. It was just a peek there.

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  2. LC Member

    The accurate recap. The Gendry and Jorah jokes are so good.


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  3. Majestyk Contributor

    A truly bleak and amoral universe would be populated with nothing but warrior-lawyers.

    The sclerosis of the Citadel is that they are learned but not worldly – much like many academics in the real world.

    Cersei’s pregnancy didn’t merit a mention here?  Now she and Jaime have something for which to fight beyond the nihilistic pursuit of power, but Cersei’s warning to Jaime is nonetheless ominous.  At some point she will no longer need him if he becomes inconvenient.  Add to this the fact that Cersei’s change of heart about Daenerys is chilling – at least in the sense that behind her smile sits a dagger and Dany would be foolish to accept anything but abject surrender from the Lannisters.

    The dynamic between Jon and Dany is credible because unlike every other man who has basically thrown himself at her for her beauty, power and dragons, Jon is not beguiled by her feminine wiles, attracted to the power that she holds or terrified of her pets.  He only wants what’s best for the people who sent him, which makes him different than the seekers after power and glory that have come before.  She likes him because he’s not into her for the reasons of crass political or personal benefit.

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  4. Dan Campbell Member
    Dan Campbell

    My prediction is that no one will sit of the Iron Throne.  Jon and Dany will win, but will reject the Throne as tainted and will form a government based on some other symbol.  Much is made about how uncomfortable it is.  The throne itself will be destroyed, probably by Gendry, him being a blacksmith and all.

    I’ve been watching way too many GoT conspiracy theory videos.


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  5. Mike LaRoche Inactive
    Mike LaRoche

    My prediction: King’s Landing will be overrun and destroyed by the White Walkers, though the protagonists will ultimately prevail.

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