On this week’s edition of the United Kingdom’s Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Podcast®, the country’s true power couple, James and Toby, marvel at the Queen’s negotiating skills, who has proved better than Theresa May at facing down a hostile foreign power.

They also discuss the subject of the latest Delingpod, Laurence Fox, and the reaction to his appearance on the BBC’s Question Time.

Cultural reviews this week include 1917 (which James finally got around to seeing), For All Mankind, Cobra and Just Mercy.


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  1. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    If Meghan Markle does want to return to acting, she would be excellent for the roles of Wallis Simpson or Julie La Verne from Show Boat.

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  2. colleenb Member

    Excellent discussion lads. I agree with Mr. Delingpole that the insertion of various minorities is off-putting and distracting. I go back to the Mary, Queen of Scots film which was good except for Mary having Black and Asian ladies-in-waiting along with another character (an earl or something?!!) who was Black. They even had blacks in Knox’s congregation. They had a Spanish musician which was completely reasonable – although, of course, he was gay too. Sigh. I just don’t think there were that many minorities – especially in the upper ranks – roaming about the British Isles in those days or even outside of London in 1917. So if filmmakers want to be historical, I want the research showing how many minorities would be in these situations.

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  3. Al Sparks Thatcher
    Al Sparks

    You can watch Question Time in the U.S. if you have a BritBox subscription, which I do.

    I watched the latest episode with Laurence Fox, and it was pretty good.  I did watch the full hour.  There was still a lot of genuflecting on the alter of Woke throughout the episode, especially regarding climate change (it’s an emergency!!) and then racism when the subect of Meghan and Harry came up.

    Also, they had three politicans on the panel, and the Conservative, Helen Whately, who is Under-Secretary for Culture (not the full title) seemed to be a lightweight.  At one stage she started talking like Boris Johnson, with his same cadence.  Kind of funny.  She did say that the UK needed to invest in infrastructure and that it was going to be Fantastic!!

    Anyway, Laurence Fox put on a great performance, and it was great the way he did not back down.

    Good for him.

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