Lockdown Madness

James attended  Saturday’s anti-lockdown march in Trafalgar Square and tells Toby about the aggressive behavior of the riot police. The government’s contact tracing app turns out to be a real abomination and university students are now paying for the privilege of being locked in their residency halls with the threat of losing £8,500 (US$10,914) if they stray. Will they really vote Tory in the future? How about Laurence Fox’s new party?

Also, Toby praises Tehran on Apple TV+ and James finally gets stuck into The Boys Season 2.

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  1. DonG (skeptic) Coolidge
    DonG (skeptic)

    An island of sheeple.

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  2. Taras Coolidge

    After several episodes, I found The Boys unwatchable.

    I am not surprised to learn of the creator’s Marxist politics, but the main problem for the viewer is, no one to root for.  The “superheroes” are unpleasant and evil, but so are their adversaries.

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  3. Nerina Bellinger Inactive
    Nerina Bellinger

    Great podcast, as usual.  Two things.  First, of course we Americans know who Laurence Fox is!  His character, “Hathaway,” was the best part of the Lewis series and the reason my kids, most of them teenagers at the time, would watch the show with me.  Second, not all colleges have lost their bearings during the time of Corona.  My daughter attends Hillsdale where she still attends “in person” classes and even goes to orchestra rehearsal.  They do take precautions (masking, self-screening) but so far the school has maintained some sort of normalcy.

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